Thursday, April 1, 2010

Into The Dark Quiet

I must cut myself off
Hide my need want nothing
I must go back to the center
Dive into the dark want nothing

I must gather myself together
Want nothing need no one dive deep
Into the dark back to a quiet center
Drive want deep into the dark quiet

© Peggy Pendleton


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Randal Graves said...

Seconding the Asian sex chat trollbot, I'm digging the reapplication of choice words. There's a feeling of conflict between motion and stagnation.

Utah Savage said...

Randal, you're so smart. You understand me. Which might mean you're so smart and maybe a bit too crazy.

Lisa said...

I'm trying to judge whether you're having a good day or not. I suck at dissecting poetry so I'm going with yes, you're having a bit of a bad moment.

Utah Savage said...

Lisa, I wrote this poem last night when I was in free fall, beginning to crash. Down down down the rabbit hole... I'm better today. Poetry is emotional catharsis for me. It's also code. Randal is really good at reading code.

I'm not sure about the Asian Sex Chat trollbot, but it's kind of classy looking don't you think?

Jennyablue said...

Your dark is safe and calm
Your light is right not wrong
Your cool is free from want
Your heat plays on as song

Thank you for Into The Dark Quiet. ox

Utah Savage said...

Jenny, you just made me cry. What a gift you are. And what a gift you have.