Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Missing In Action

I'm sorry to have abandoned you.  I'm working.

`Today I finished painting the kitchen.  This involved five colors of paint.  I figure if you're going to paint a kitchen why not make it really difficult.  And every color that's dried gets taped for the next color.  It's a time consuming bitch.  Three days of painting and cleaning up after painting has turned my hands to sandpapery claws with little infected splits at the tips of my fingers.  I'll take pictures.  Today I worked fifteen hours.

Then I started cleaning blinds.  Holy fuck, that's a nasty job!  And time consuming too. Then I washed the bay windows in the fireplace room and I notice that every window sill is filthy. Those damn kids.

I won't be able to participate in the current political conversation and a lot of things of are happening.  I feel left out.  I have three more long days of cleaning.

Don't forget me while I'm gone.  All I'll need is a day of two of total vegitating and I'll be good as new.


Beach Bum said...

If there is one thing I hate more than yard work it is painting. Leaving aside the fact that my wife is never happy with the results the painting is not really all that bad but the time consuming preparation and clean up afterwards is total Hell.

Removing painter's tape is especially frustrating since it always for me bleeds over and then I have to spend more time doing touch up.

I do plan on doing a little trim painting this Friday but that is not really difficult and I will be alone while doing it.

Lisa said...

When it's all done be sure to stand back and admire your handy work before you collapse. I hate it when I forget to appreciate it before I fall over.

I'm guessing that it will be quite beautiful. You have impeccable taste, Peggy.

Utah Savage said...

Beach, I hate painting too. What an idiot I am to have selected 5 colors: The ceiling is white, the walls below the are camel colored, the old cupboards are chocolate brown, and the wainscoting is grey. I seem to have fairly masculine taste The only bit of femininity in the room is the turquoise baseboard trim and the handles on the upper cupboards.

Hi Lisa. I'm not only going to stand back and admire it, I'm going to take pictures and post them. Too bad I didn't take pictures of the mess in the fridge, and the filthy bathroom. They cleaned nothing, ever, EVER! I'm stunned that people can live in that much filth and not make the slightest effort to clean ANYTHING!

Sherry said...

yes, pictures please-and i HATE cleaning blinds-hates it i does.

darkblack said...

'I'm stunned that people can live in that much filth and not make the slightest effort to clean ANYTHING!'

You young people are so easily shocked. Try working in property management maintenance for a couple of years - It`s an atrocity or two before breakfast every day.


mountain.mama said...

I believe you are unforgettable. I keep checking back for more! Apparently, "don't overdo it" will fall on deaf ears, so take care, enjoy the finished product and post lots of pictures.

Utah Savage said...

Sherry, it won't look that good, because it's sparsely furnished with my rejects, but I'll do my best to make it look inviting.

Darkblack, you take my breath away. I've missed you.

Yes, we naive young things are easily shocked.

妍慧 said...


Spadoman said...

I just stopped working on the downstairs bathroom remodeling project. I'm ready for tile on the floor and the paneling on the walls behind where the new tub will be. Then, put the tub in place, hook up the drain and water supply and put up the grab bars and the shower curtain.
This is the last project I do. I am done. I'm gonna call the man the next time, and if I can't afford the man, then I leave it. Those that don't like the idea of me, a retired old fella, not wanting to do any more god damned work on the house, tough shit!
And I like to paint, bnut I think I'm even gonna get the man to do that stuff too. In my younger days, I was the man. I did get paid for my handyman skills. I just posted a story about the passive solar house I built in the 1980's. Those days are gone.
Thanks for the reminder. As soon as I catch my breath, I'm off for an afternoon of riding the motorcycle.