Monday, July 26, 2010

Ginger Rogers? Is That You?

The new kitteh has a third eye or a second vajaja.  Check out this face!  She devours the news. It's a requirement in this house.  I must have well informed critters.  I can't quite settle on a name for her, but Ginger Rogers is a possibility.  If she turns out to be a boy or chooses to go the trans-gender route she can become Ginger Baker.  She can be whatever she wants.  And with those marking she might well be THE ENLIGHTENED ONE.  Not that I'd entirely buy it, but maybe that's Jeebus on her forehead. 

She does have dirty ears and a Vet Visit tomorrow afternoon.

Okay, so much for the face.  Take a look at this form:  She whirls to find that article she wanted to devour.  Where's the Mother Jones? It was something by David Corn! 

She seems to have sturdy legs and nice sized feet.  She has pretty markings on her tail, too.  All in all I think she's a lovely kitty.  I've done a bit of de-cluttering to make the solarium a safe place for her, since I don't entirely trust Marly to be sensible.  And yet, after 24 hours of very limited sharing of space, we have reached this weary nonchalance, this delicate detente.
This kitteh seems to have a special fondness for the reference books.  Marley is faining interest in the Portuguese Dictionary.  Until today she's never show the slightest interest.


Jennyablue said...

Brilliant post, UT. Your pets are so fortunate to live with you. Such books! Such light! Such love!

I enjoyed your story so much. xo

Lisa said...

I love it! You know I'm crazy for cats. And that name is perfect!

Thanks for the laugh. I just finished my writing goal for the day and this was a great way to decompress.

Steve Emery said...

Great fun.

We love our ginger pair - very affectionate breed.

Utah Savage said...

Well it's all over but the bowing and scraping. GR rules. Marly is dancing to her tune. Marly has lost all interest in her evening walk, no, GR is mesmerizing. Maybe she CAN dance backwards and in high heels.

sonia a. mascaro said...

That is interesting... "Marley is faining interest in the Portuguese Dictionary"... I am Brazilian and my language is Portuguese.

Ginger is lovely!