Friday, August 20, 2010

Mosque Madness


Nan said...

Chinese spam -- why do they bother?

Utah Savage said...

Nan, it does make me wish I'd stayed with those Chinese language classes. Then I could at least give them shit for using me like this.

no_slappz said...

A mosque at Ground Zero is how muslims do a victory dance.

A couple of days ago, just as Netanyahu and Abbas were on their way to Washington, Palestinian gunmen murdered four Israeli citizens, including a pregnent woman.

Hamas, the GOVERNMENT of the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for the murders.

This is what muslim governments and their followers believe in. There was widespread cheering and celebrations among muslims in the West Bank and Gaza after the news of the murders went out.

As someone whose office was on the 47th floor of Tower One in the World Trade Center, I am deeply, deeply offended by the attempts of these vicious murderers to raise their vile flag next to the site where many friends and associates of mine died due to their unrestrained hate for democracy and freedom.