Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Twitter Friend, 42bkdodgr Wrote This. It's Exactly How I Feel

I am ashamed by what is happening in our country.
I’m ashamed that we have a political party that has nothing to offer but fear and hate, so it creates chaos on non-issues such as “death panels” and having a “Cultural Center and Mosque near the 9/11 site”.
I’m ashamed that we have a political party that boasts it believes in the Constitution, then does everything to rip it and tear it apart; by wanting to change the First, Fourteenth, and Seventeenth amendments, because they don’t meet their ideology.
I’m ashamed that one of the purported leaders of a political party has no understanding what the First Amendment means.  A person who feels she can say whatever she wants without being criticized. A person who believes if you criticize her you are infringing on her freedom of speech, yet doesn’t understand that railing against those who criticize her, she is infringing upon their First Amendment rights.
I’m ashamed that we have a political party who thinks its more important, during our worst economic times, to block or delay everything that would improve or help the lives of the American people that the President or Democrats in Congress propose.
I’m ashamed that a political party would vote NO on practically every bill, even on ideas they previously supported, only because the president has adopted them.
I’m ashamed we have a political party where its more important to make the president look bad than do what is best for the country.
I’m ashamed that we have a news network that purports itself to be “Fair and Balanced”, then does everything to demean and spread misinformation about  our president, while openly supporting the Republican Party and Tea Baggers.
I’m ashamed at what has happened to the civility in this country during the last 18 months. We can thank Rush, the right wing media, especially the “Republican Fox New Network” for this.
I’m ashamed that the right wing likes to treat our president as “not one of us”, with their outrageous accusations that he wasn’t born in the USA and that he is a Muslim, when evidence proves they are wrong.
I can go on and on about what makes me feel ashamed or embarrassed about what is happening in our country, but one thing I do know, we are destroying our country from within and doing Al-Queda’s work.
I am ashamed, but still very hopeful, that Americans who truly believe in the principles of the Constitution and for what it stands will reject the fear and hate being spread, as they have done in the past, and move this country to a better tomorrow.
 This was first posted at: The Political Carnival


Anonymous said...

Thank you...I linked to the post as well, because, I am also ashamed, dismayed and distressed.

piers said...

If it makes you feel any better, and I'm sure it doesn't, in Canada we are lead by a party that would rather garner votes by snubbing the warnings and advice of experts and watchdog expertises, which voters apparently believe demonstrates some sort of integrity.

It shocks me when ignorance is viewed as some sort of folksy integrity; but when an intelligent human being chooses to ignore the wisdom of people selected to protect oh, human rights, the environment, constitutional minorities, well, that just makes me want to take to the streets with a brick and a rolled up newspaper.

The Blog Fodder said...

Thank you so much for reprinting this.

I fell into the trap laid by those opposed to the community centre in south Manhattan, until I read enough about it to change my mind. Now I am ashamed of me.

Hatred based on ethnicity is so easy to incite it is frightening. "Hang 'em all, we'll get the guilty" as Tom T Hall sang 30 years ago.

Suzan said...

Right on, sister!

I'm right behind you in the line of protesters.

When do we start marching?


I am ashamed, but still very hopeful, that Americans who truly believe in the principles of the Constitution and for what it stands will reject the fear and hate being spread, as they have done in the past, and move this country to a better tomorrow.

Fran said...

How do we recruit voters? Most new voters- college kids are up to their eyeballs in debit of high tuition costs, they are not necessarily in tune to getting registered to vote & actually vote.
It has been said before that it takes something like a military draft or some extreme personal hardship to get people fired up enough to vote.
Over the years MTV had a *Rock the Vote* promo to get Gen X inspired to vote & another year there was a Vote or Die campaign, geared towards kids being recruited to sign up for Iraq/Afghanistan wars.
I think this is a great post & I do totally agree with it-- but how do we get Joe & Jane 6 pack to turn off Faux newzzz, think critically, and vote in a meaningful way?

Cleveland Bob said...

Sadly, I've been ashamed of this country since I was a young person. And even more depressing, I'm entirely sure that I will always feel this way.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

The problem with politics is that it devolves into power games and jockeying for position. That's why so many have lost faith in politics.

Dave Dubya said...

Ditto and I am ashamed of our president whose words hold promise but his deeds bring disappointment. How he believes he can be re-elected after cowering from Republicans is a mystery to me.

no_slappz said...

If you're looking for people who despise the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then look at the people behind the Manhattan mosques -- and every other mosque in the world.

Is it news to you that muslim women are slaves? They have no rights in muslim nations.

Do you realize that muslim nations are repressive nations in which conventional US Freedom is illegal, and sometimes a Capital Crime?

Do you realize that mosques are simply beach-heads which become the working sites for gaining political strength?

Islam may present itself as a religion. But, in fact, it is a comprehensive political and economic system that prohibits all the freedoms granted to Americans by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Thus, muslims are acting cleverly. Putting one over on naive Americans. Like they did by turning commercial jets into flying bombs.

A mosque is the muslim version of a Trojan Horse. Fourteen hundred years of muslim history is the evidence.

Suzan said...

This "Needs to be Slapped A Lot" cardboard figure is either a righty-right-righty or a CIA plant.

Dave Dubya said...

Oh, look, a Wolfowitz in sheep's clothing. Talk about a Trojan Horse. As if anyone pays attention to discredited neocon claptrap anyway...

Wow, I just noticed, if you substitute the word "Jew" for Muslim, and "Germany" for America, he sounds just like...well, you know.

no_slappz said...

dave dubya, and suzan,

Is it news to you that islam prohibits virtually every freedom granted by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Give it a shot. Compare. Contrast.

Freedom of Religion? NO WAY. It's islam or nothing. And don't try converting a muslim to another faith. In some muslim nations that's a capital offense. You know, where they behead you for trying.

Freedom of Speech? NO WAY. Speaking against muhammad or their crazy god allah can get you executed.

Equal Rights? NO WAY. Women are virtual slaves. Honor killings are permitted. Arranged marriages are the standard. Girls as young as 9 can be given to husbands.

Female genital mutilation is part of the women's program.

Plurality? NO WAY.

Perhaps you should read the Koran. It gives all the rules for dealing with muslims and non-muslims and gives some especially cheery rules for dealing with Jews.

Inasmuch as muslims believe the Koran is the infallible word of their crazy god and they base their laws on this crazy book, you can see how there might be trouble.

Or maybe you can't. Which itself is a scary thought.