Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Tom

It's almost your birthday and I always think of you this time of year. This is not to say I only think of you this time of year. I get mail for you at least once a week so I'm pretty much forced to think of you on a weekly basis and sometimes I find myself either thinking of you fondly or not so fondly as I curse you for not changing your mailing address.  Remember when we had that conversation about my place not being your real legal address? That was a long time ago. And yet... AARP still thinks you live here.  Ditto the DMV. So does Harold Clark. Wonder when he'll give up sending his bills here? I even got a certified letter recently. Can't remember what bill that was. When will they get a clue?

I kept your last long distance phone message on my phone and listen to it now and then. It was left as you left the country from some airport like LA or Dallas or Miami. I'm guessing you were headed back to Costa Rica. I know I've said and done some heinous things in my time and to make them worse, in public and/or in print. Keep in mind that over the years we lived together you, my dear, did and said some heinous things as well. Maybe you didn't say and do them in print and in such a public way, but they hurt every bit as much. But now I offer you my sincerest apology for whatever it was I said that made you stop speaking to me.  It was said in a moment of stupidity the way we all say stupid things. We all say stupid things sometimes, remember? Tell me what it was, and I'll do a public retraction.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a very happy, healthy birthday.

Maybe it's finally time to change your mailing address.

PS. I'm getting all your viagra spam as well, along with everyone else on your email list which gets forward to me too.


Gail said...

HI UTAH -oh my, such a sad good-bye. :-( I felt your loss.
How are you otherwise? As I recall you were battling some health issues. I hope this note finds you well. I am still managing my symptoms as best I can - each day is a gift and a challenge.
Love Gail

Utah Savage said...

Gail, I'm getting a little stupider everyday. Old strokes seem to make on stupider as time goes by. I'm just hoping they aren't new strokes making me stupider.
Time isn't my friend any more.

Utah Savage said...

See what I mean. Comments are hard because I can't go back a edit them like I can a post. Where did the word "on" come from instead of "me" in that first comment. They aren't even related. Oh well... So it goes.

Utah Savage said...

Tom called. Once again I wasn't home. Odd how I'm always gone when Tom calls. I almost never leave home. I try to run all my errands on one day so I only have to leave home once or twice a week and I'm never gone more then a couple of hours at a time. What the fuck?

And yet I love the romance of his voice on the phone. He leaves great messages. This time he was calling from the Dallas/FortWorth Airport and said he was working for the Perry Campaign. He could barely keep a straight face telling me that one. He knows me so well. Thanks Tom. Call me from Costa Rica. I can't see well enough to read my caller ID. Speak slowley when you tell me your phone number. I've had to listen to your message five times and I still haven't got the number straight.