Sunday, March 16, 2008

Creating The War On Terror

First there is a real threat. 9/11 was a real event. We know who the actors were, and where they came from. It was mostly Saudi Arabia, whose princes are close friends of the Bush family. The terrorists in training had been taking flying lessons, getting ready, soaking up the delights of our culture, like strip clubs, for instance. We knew who they were at the time, we were watching. You, President Bush, and all your advisors knew, and were briefed. Condoleeza Rice wasn’t worried, neither was Cheney. It was your administration’s decision that 9/11 was just the thing you needed to revive your plan to take us to war with Iraq. You manufactured intelligence, cherry picked what worked for you, and then tried to scare us to death with images of mushroom clouds. While backing off the wealthy and well connected son of a Saudi mogul, Osama Bin Ladan. Why do you in Congress go along with this tactic destined for such tragedy for the people of Iraq, for our sons and daughters sent from their National Guard assignments here at home where we need them, to Iraq over and over?

Mr. President, and you, all of you, Republicans and Democrats alike, who voted for the Iraq War Resolution, owe us—We The People—an apology. It is you, all of you, who started “The War On Terror” that now, since you took the terror to the “terrorists” in Iraq, (who, by the way, weren’t there prior to our arrival in Iraq) have created the best and biggest advertisement and recruiting scheme in history for every young discontented and alienated misfit in the world to join the jihadists, because now they do really believe that we are The Great Satan. Thanks a lot.

And this war on terror has given you the excuse you were looking for to change the rules and strip us of our constitutional rights one by one. Stack the Supreme court to take choice away from women (the better to control them), and to prevent the carriage of justice for anyone detained illegally, transported to a foreign country for torture and then disappeared to Guantanimo, without representation or a hearing. Where did Habeas Corpus go? Has it moved to Canada to join the hordes now fleeing your ruinous governance. We are losing everything, our houses, our civil rights, our sons and daughters, our bridges are falling down and you tap dance on the porch waiting for your successor to bring us more of these good old days. Thanks a lot Congress. Thanks a lot Mr. President. Isn’t it Romantic?


K McKiernan said...

And one more thing to add... if anyone spoke out to the contrary of our so honorable government, they were "burned at the stake." And most Americans ate it all up. They, too, blamed anyone who was not in favor of the war as not being "for the troops." We were the only ones really FOR the troops.



Beach Bum said...

Bush's little tap dance on the White House steps brought to mind that Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Not sure what the future will hold but I am sure he will in time be thought of as the worst president in history. Great site, will be back often.

Bill in Chicago said...

FYI, all those Saudi hijackers were just the tip of the iceberg:

Yes, something is very wrong with this picture.

Vigilante said...

Of course we don't forget all of the horse thieves and horses this drug store cowboy rode into the White House with. It's time for Progressives to throw the wardogs in both parties a bone into Niagara Falls and tell them to fetch, taking Shelly and Archie with him...... Woof! Woof!

(Apologies to James Carville)

Stella said...

Yes, Beach Bum: Cheney fiddles as the country burns. Bush is too stupid to know what a fiddle is. Great metaphor.

William F. Buckley eloquently stated: "Asked what President Bush's foreign policy legacy will be to his successor, Buckley says "There will be no legacy for Mr. Bush. I don't believe his successor would re-enunciate the words he used in his second inaugural address because they were too ambitious. So therefore I think his legacy is indecipherable," in his CBS statement that Bush is not a true conservative

I agree. This is a wonderful site, beach bum. U.S. is so eloquent. Your blog is an excellent commentary and perspective on "Livin' in the U.S.A." Thanks to K, too, for her comments.

The Commentator said...

War on drugs, terror and now apparently sex.

These problems are very real. Are we fighting them properly?

Note on Saudi Arabia: The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia stretches back to the 1920s.