Friday, March 14, 2008

Isn't It Romantic?

Anyone remember the lyrics to that song but me? Well, no George, it isn’t. Vote Vets isn’t going to think so either. Not unless you think it’s romantic to see little kids starve or die in car-bomb attacks at their local market is romantic. How romantic is a traumatic brain injury? PTSD? How about an amputation by roadside bomb? See your buddy blown to bits? We would be only so happy to facilitate your early retirement so you can go—Air National Guard, Right? Still got that romantic flyboy outfit you wore the day you gave your Mission Accomplished speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln? Why don’t you do your duty and take somebody’s son’s place since it sounds like so much fun to you. As a former Commander In Chief, I’m sure they’d extend the age limit. I hear the Armed Forces are stretched pretty thin, and have relaxed a lot of standards, maybe even I.Q. Take the girls with you too. Aren’t they longing for a little adventure and romance?


Petrosexual said...

I'm sure they are.

Utah Savage said...

Petro, I assume you're talking about the Bush twins. Yes indeed they are exactly the right ages and the girls know who to drink and travel to exotic places. I know they like the romance of a little adventure. I've heard quite a bit about their travels in Central America

Vigilante said...

Girls just gotta have fun? The twins are doing just what Bush told us all to do: "don't worry - be happy - go shopping". That's what he's doing when he gets off being our 'war preznit.'

K McKiernan said...

Baby, Where are your posts?

Did anyone hear rumor about Mitt Romney perhaps running with McCain. Oh my.

Wanna hear the worst thing ever? I know someone who confessed to me she voted for him in Ohio AFTER he had removed himself. Wanna know why? Two reasons. One, she did not know he had stepped down (how could she not be aware?) and Two (and this is the big one), he "is so handsome." Oh, sweet jesus.

Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.

K (oh, and in case anyone cares...K stands for another name and its not Kay).

Vigilante said...

Okay, K, I'll call you 'Karen' for short for now on.

K McKiernan said...

You really are a beast, aren't you, V? Wink ")

Jesus.... I will take Kay before Karen, thanks. No offense to the Karens of the world. Hee