Saturday, March 8, 2008

Never Having To Say You're Sorry

There should be a learning curve for politicians. And Hillary seems to want to skip the part of the learning curve that requires you acknowledge mistakes and apologizes for them. It’s odd to me that of all the politicians, the Clinton’s should know the value of apology best. It is, after all, the only thing that kept him in office once the lie about Monica had been revealed. Maybe it’s only Bill that learned that one.

Never having to say your sorry is a trait I know. It's the hallmark of a narcissist. I was raised by one. Certified, diagnosed. She was a powerful and brilliant woman. She was a feminist and she was never wrong. Never. If charm didn’t work, she shifted to intellect and the force of her argument. If that didn’t work, she moved it up a notch and bullied you. If all else failed she cried, stomped off and slammed the door. But she was never wrong. The rules where hers, and they shifted all the time. She was moody and mean. I see her behavior in Hillary. Who is this woman? She’s beginning to seem like a blend of John McCain and Dick Chenney—really secretive, stubborn and a hot- head.

Last night I watched Bill Maher. Joe Scarborough was on as a panelist, and said the television news shows are being threatened by the Clinton machine if Hillary thinks they are being unfair to her—that means if they don’t back-off reporting the crap she’s pulling, her surrogates threaten advertisers who threaten producers and news directors. Because she’s refusing to release her tax returns, Barack is being compared to Ken Starr by all her surrogates. Terry McCuliffe was on Maher’s show as a guest, and when Bill asked him a question Terry didn’t like, Terry cut the feed. Stomped off and slammed the door.

Senator Obama, you are going to have to take off that well- tailored jacket, roll up you sleeves, and get a little dirty. Let’s get real blue collar. It’s time to go back to your roots.


Stella said...

This month's issue of Rolling Stone has an extremely contrived photo of Obama looking for all the world uber-Presidential. Don't get me wrong: I'm hoping to see him win.

You're on target of Hillary's narcissim: she best be served to mitigate her vote on the Iraq war as "I made a terrible mistake based on inaccurate intelligence." Would that be so hard? We've had far enough of secrecy: I want an open government.

As for me, my candidate won't get in, ostensibly because of his integrity. Though, I can't help but think that an Obama/Clinton ticket in '08 might be our best chance. I missed Bill Maher: we're boycotting HBO because they took of Deadwood. I still have CSPAN and Air America so that worlds for me.

However, I am concerned that Clinton's a McCheney. All I can do is keep informed.

Utah Savage said...

Stella, I too, am mad at HBO for dropping Deadwood and John From Cincinnati. I used to watch episodes of Deadwood over and over until I almost had dialogue memorized. I would be an old Trixi. God, what a great show. But, alas, I am a Bill Maher addict. The Wire is terrific.

Vigilante said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! Please, Obama & Obamaniacs, no more Mr. Nice Guy?

As Mo Dowd says,

What could be more shameless than suggesting to Democrats that John McCain would make a better commander in chief than Obama?

Get the tax returns and hire back Samantha Power. Nice guys finish last or buried as vice presidents.