Friday, March 14, 2008

World War Three?

Word is, Admiral Fallen was retired early because he isn’t in favor of a war with Iran. Remember all the times Bush said he listens to the Generals? Well, if anyone thought that was the truth then, they know it’s bullshit now. Bush seems determined to make the Rapture inevitable before he leaves office. And since we don’t have the numbers of cannon fodder soldiers at the ready, there will have to be a Draft to carry out this scheme.

When we had a Draft, during the Vietnam war years, the only refuge for the children of the rich and powerful was the National Guard—you all remember the pictures of young George in his uniform, proudly grinning at the camera as he thumbed his nose at guys like John Kerry, Max Cleland and John McCain. Well, under Bush, Chenney, the National Guard is no longer the refuge of anyone, and is no longer available to do the very real work the National Guard was designed to do—protect us here at home. Now it’s a ticket to Iraq. Soon to be a ticket to Iran. With the removal of Admiral Fallon no one stands in the way.


Vigilante said...

According to a comment on my pages, Fallon's dismissal has more to do with his strategic concern with Afghanistan and China at the expense of Bush's obsession with Iraq. Perhaps, goes the thinking, Fallon's widely cited ambivalence about Iran has wiped Cheney's war cards off the table.

Utah Savage said...

Vigilante, do you think the Draft is in the works?

Stella said...

Utah Savage, I hope the conservatives are stupid enough to reinstate the draft. The wily Rep Charlie Rangel stated in Congress that we should reinstate the draft. He's a liberal and he was clearly goading the conservatives to a fall.

The draft will enroll children of what's left of the middle class parents. Boomers remembering 'Nam, and maybe even Gen X & Y, may finally get over their apathy. I believe they will protesting the war in droves.

Given that scenario, I believe the Busheney administration chose not to start the draft. Rather, they spend money on numerous commercials impelling the increasing amount of childen who are in poor and underemployed families to join the military. I don't know who remembers the Cheney's precept that body bags and coffins must be censored from the media shipped home to the U.S. in the dead of night so as not to demoralize American citizens, according to Barbara Bush.

I know you were addressing Vigilante on this, and he tends to be more rational than me, but I believe even the mentally defective conservatives learned something from Viet Nam. After all, Cheney and Rummy served in Nixon's administration.

Pardon me. One subject leads me to another, and I do run on so.

K McKiernan said...

I know people would want to kill me over this comment (maybe none of you, but some of the more conservative minded); however, if there was a draft and someone tried to make my kids fight for their wars of greed and retardation, I would leave this country with kids in tow in two seconds flat.

There is NO way my children would fight and die for the idiocy of the men who make these decisions (especially those who then stand around in front of the White House dancing a jig bored waiting for McCain and the press to lick his balls). No one's children should. And I can't believe how many people supported Bush (and still do) and just waved their children with a single tear off to die.

Saddest of all, is the way we create a society of haves and have nots, those who have can decide whether they want to participate and those who have not, are forced to fight in order to live, eat, and "better" their situation. There is not choice for the poor.

Am I the only one who is not so proud of America?

Stella said...

Yes, K, that's exactly the point! A draft would engage an apathetic population.

I absolutely agree with you, which is why I believe that if the neocons were goaded into reinstating the draft, there would be people pouring in the streets in protest.

I love your comment, and I'm with you 100% Charlie Rangel was being snide towards the neocons about the draft because he agrees, too.

I'm sad for our country and what we've allowed to happen.

Vigilante said...

I agree with everyone. Having a draft would place of burden for this ignoble invasion and occupation squarely on this generation of Americans: who voted for its perpetrators twice. Not having a draft places the burden for Busheney's folly on future generations (who never got to vote against these war criminals) by paying bonuses for re-enlistments and fortunes to mercenaries