Friday, September 19, 2008

We Privatize Wealth and Socialize Debt

Chris Dodd said this on Hard Ball this afternoon. Under the republican leadership in the first six years of the Bush administration "We have privatized wealth and socialized debt." Wall Street titans who have lobbied hard and heavy for deregulation have become the Robber Barons of the Bush years. They have hijacked the economy and reaped the rewards. Now they have raped our financial institutions and repossessed our homes. And they all get bonuses and the golden parachute bail-out at our expense. It will be our great great grandchildren who will pay for the war in Iraq and now the mess that is the economy. Thanks John McCain. Thanks little George, and you too, Dick Cheney. Thanks also to the dearly departed Saint Reagan, and George the first (who at least had the good sense to put the coastal waters off limits for oil drilling, and not try to occupy Iraq after the first Gulf War). And I'm not forgetting you Bubba, you too had your part. And thanks to you, The Hammer, indicted money laundering, gerrymandering bastard, Tom Delay, and to all you other money grubbing thugs and liars without a shred of decency, voting to privatize everything you could get your hands on, while cutting medicaid and medicare benefits. And all the while you lower taxes on the uber-rich, you want to tax insurance benefits for working class Americans??!!! How can you sleep at night? You want to invest my social security in the what!!?? Not so fast. I have been paying close attention all these years. How dumb do you think we are??!!!

You call health care for everyone "Socialized Medicine." But an unregulated "free" market economy that fails colossally? It gets a bail-out on my dime, and all the generations to come will be paying for the Iraq war and your greed long into the future. Your bank accounts should be frozen, your assets seized, and you should be tried and convicted for crimes against America.


Anonymous said...

Amen and please pass the gov't cheese.

What? There's no more gov't cheese? It's all been privatized?

I believe it.

(great post and fuck these people make me sick)

Utah Savage said...

Dcup, Oh woe is me. Thank you for the compliment. I'm so glad to see you as I am in almost all ways a shut-in at the moment. I broke my little toe. Really badly broken into the foot part. I've taken pictures with my camera on the Imac, but I think it's best not to gross everyone out with my uncared for foot. But soon I will venture out to your place and catch up. I did notice you were posting elsewhere yesterday or the day before. Whine with me please.

Distributorcap said...

there is money for the rich fuckers on wall st but NOT a cent for health care -- FOR KIDS

you are on your own unless you are one of the boys.

you forgot to thank the kingmaker of all this PHIL 'WHINER" GRAMM who snuck in the amendment effectively giving derivatives (what caused this whole mess) a free reign

fuck you phil gramm, may cindy mccain cut your dick off

there i return to a normal state

Utah Savage said...

Well said, Dcap! Yes, I did forget to mention Phil May-He-Rot-In-jail Gramm. God if Phil spent a few years in jail I bet we''d really hear some whining.

Randal Graves said...

The worst part is that a good chunk of the Murkan people - and all the talking hairpieces - will turn this sordid episode into a historical footnote, and all the Grover Norquists and Phil Gramms will STILL be allowed on teevee to wax psychotic about the Wonders of the Free Market®.

Look, unregulated capitalism doesn't work, isn't working, never will work.




My gramps used to get government cheese. Made a hell of a good grilled cheese sandwich, I'll tell you that.

katbo said...

brilliant post