Saturday, October 4, 2008

Helpful Hints for Voters

Register to Vote, Volunteer for your Candidate, offer to give rides to those in your neighborhood who need help registering and voting, volunteer to be a monitor at your poling place, and try to counter disinformation with truth whenever possible. Talk to neighbors, friends, and family about your reasons for voting for Obama, your reason for not supporting McCain. A fight with family members is common enough about small potatoes, but this fight is not small potatoes, it's about whether or not there will be any potatoes at all.

A little help for new voters or voters volunteering to help other's find their poling places:

And if that's not enough...


Tengrain said...

You are absolutely right - I'll post something to my neighborhood website and volunteer.

Thanks for the nudge!



Utah Savage said...

You're trying to trick me right? Is that comment dripping sarcasm I just can't hear? Tengrian, you scare me a little. I wonder shy? I mean why?