Saturday, October 4, 2008

McPalin Plans To Play Down and Dirty

We knew they would. With nothing positive to offer, with a bankrupt country after the first eight years of Busheney, and John's nose all up in Bush's ass for all those years, the Republican's have no game plan, except the Rove model of slander and lies and voter suppression. One of the news alerts I get every morning is the Washington Post, mostly because Eugene Robinson works there. But I did find this interesting and instructive. I hope the Obama Campaign has a strategy for dealing with the slime machine, because it about to start pumping a daily fog of slimy stuff.

From the Washington Post:


an average patriot said...

She's a friggen Neanderthal but the right loves it. I just don't get it. I mean cut the crap!
I have been spreading these stories since she came about and the right loves it. What stinks if you did a good job but this is just the tip of the Iceberg.

It is sick! Moose burgers and hicks running the white house. What the hell is wrong with Americans. Just think! If McCain died who would really be running the country? Rove, Cheney. Limbaugh, oil interests again, it won't be her.
She is a follower not a leader and she brings the Religious perverted conservatives together. She is perfect to finish what Bush started. McPalin is already a given and we are screwed. Take care!

Anonymous said...

What could be more down and dirty than Pelosi's partisan rant before the bailout vote earlier this week?

Utah Savage said...

Actually stating the obvious, as Pelosi did was neither Down and Dirty, nor was it lying in any way. Telling truth is not what Republicans are doing. When all else fails, as it is, slime the bastards. This is classic Turd Blossom tactics. It ain't gonna work this time.

Utah Savage said...

And if you come back one more time as anonymous and unlinked to a home sight I can back-track to, I will delete you.

Stella said...

Utah, dearest, you can reset your blog so it doesn't allow anonymous comments. Just check your dashboard. How poetic: John's nose all up in Bush's ass. May I borrow that? Exactly, the rethugs have no plans.

Average patriot, I agree with everything you said. The GOP is the party of drones and Killa from Wasilla is being put in as figurehead so those bastards can continue to run the country.

Did you notice how Killa, whom I sometimes refer to as "trailer trash," kept going back to the same four topics despite the debate questions? See Bush's Brain. Bushit pulled the same stunt when he ran for governor and was trained by Turdblossom.

Nope, the only plan Utah, is business as usual. Did anyone here see The Wall? Kinda looks familiar, doesn't it?

Anonymous? That was the best speech Pelosi made in her entire career. She's finally fed up. And, may I just agree with my lovely host that if you don't have the balls to post with a link, your comment ain't worth shit. Just another gutless conservative...

Utah Savage said...

Ah, the ferocity of women. So glad you're getting out and about Stella, I missed you. I'll be by your place in a minute. I've been so obsessed with the debate and the post debate coverage I haven't been as cyberly social as I should have been.

I'm sorry about the job market right now, and I think it's hunker down time for most of us. I live pretty frugally, but there will be no amenities added to my life. When I think gold hit's it's high I'm selling a ring. Or when I need get away money. Good thing I read all that literature from WWI and II. I'm working on a post about economic chaos and resourceful black market economies. I read a lot of holocaust literature.

Today I'm roaming around with my camera taking pictures of books. I want to do a distraction post about books in general. I think most of the bloggers in this neck of the woods are book lovers. I'd be interested in sharing our bookcases shelf by shelf with each other.

Randal Graves said...

Ha ha you all suck, you lie-brul commie bastards! Bush forever! Vote for the MILF!

- anonymous