Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain/Palin the Real Socialists


an average patriot said...

And Bush has started us down the path! Funny but I just got through responding somewhere else on this! I think at this point after all Bush's damage a little socialism is needed to bring us back!

Utah Savage said...

More than a little, I'd say. I like Sarah's idea of nationalizing the oil under our land. The oil companies do not own it, they are merely paid to drill and deliver. We pay to build a pipeline, it's ours. The water we drink is ours, we pay the water company to get it to the tap cleanly. They do not own the water. I could go on and on like this.

We've had a welfare state for the very rich for a long time. I'm thinking it's time for a big change.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

There goes Sarah, hanging out with Che and all the rest of the pinko terrorists. I'll bet she even starts wearing a beret soon.

linda said...

I couldn't listen to all this because of bandwidth restrictions on satellite, something else I'd like to see changed but don't get me started...I think socialism is the only answer at this point for this country's problems, at least in some form...I am just not form it needs to be, it's very complicated......I am tired of giving welfare to the rich, to the detriment of my bank account........looking forward to Obama's talk tonight.

Stella said...

Oh ho! So, despite my ventures into conservative blog land, I come back to find Linda who writes socialism is the only answer at this point for this country's problems. Thank you.

McCon has been going over the top with this "socialist scare," another nasty campaign trick that didn't work.

Linda, may I say I agree with you completely. If anyone has ever visited any country in Scandinavia, or Canada for that matter, they might find that people live a much better life.

Maggie, I think conservative socialism is something like this: rich banks that pay CEOs $20 million in bonuses and then collapse can expect the government to bail them out. You're right: that's socialism. If you're still living in poisonous RVs in Louisiana, then you better pull yourself up and not expect any help.

Funny how rich Rethuglicans complain about taxes until their companies need a bail out.

I know, I need to Twitter.

Utah Savage said...

Well Stella you beat me to it. How did you know I was going to nag you about the twittering?

Stella said...

Great minds think alike?

I am a poll inspector for this election, so my mind has been focused on ballots, poll instructions, picking up booths, securing voters' privacy.... I am extremely excited.

I don't think they'll let me wear my t-shirt, though. (Yes, of course you can steal that one. Cartoonist Alex Ross created this masterpiece.

Between the election and trying to get interviews in a state with 7.7% unemployment (I guess I'm in good company), life has been a whirlwind.

My hard drive (a/k/a brain) is about to crash. Cheers to average patriot. What's the problem with Socialism? The GOP is obviously quite scared.


Utah Savage said...

Stella that is the best T shirt design I've ever seen. And of course I have copied it and will indeed post it and give you due credit. Wow. Now that's scary--Socialism not so much.