Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Apples

Coma of cold storage
Against the sweetening
Orchard--white petals
Wet, dirt, shoots, dingy bees--
Last years apples
Comestible (just)
Faded Ted Williamses
Kept crisp at thirty-two
Point nine degrees
Because we change
Always, restless wonders
Into the graspable
If superfluous item
To eat or to wear
Thus explaining
Among much else
Why the average vernal apple-eater
Is so quick to hate
A happy woman who likes to fuck.

---Beau Friedlander


Randal Graves said...

Well this answers my twittered query. I like this. Apples and women who like to fuck are good. Not too happy though, cheerleaders scare me. Except this one.

Utah Savage said...

George Bush was a cheerleader. Your fears are well founded.

Comrade Kevin said...

Not I!

Utah Savage said...

Beau Freidlander sent me an email. My heart is still thudding in my chest.