Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Woman's Voice

I first heard this song done by Judy Collins, then later I heard Joni Micthell sing it. Now that I've discovered the YouTube, yes, you heard me I discovered the YouTube, I've listened to so many incarnations of the song I have finally settled on this later Joni Mitchell. I had this CD at one time, sadly it's gone, but who the hell needs anything like a CD anymore? We have the YouTube.

The art on the cover is a self portrait. She's a damn fine painter as well. Here you have the art of an older woman. There is no video, just look once and then listen.

Joni Mitchell sings Both Sides Now


Comrade Kevin said...

She was one of my mother's favorites. Joni Mitchell, I mean.

Utah Savage said...

I'm probably your mother's generation.

Mauigirl said...

I love Joni Mitchell. I have some of her newer albums (oops, CDs) and she's even better now than she was when she was young.

I have also always loved Judy Collins - have all her albums.

Stella said...

I have loved Joni Mitchell since I was wet behind the ears. She is a wonderful role model for women. Did you ever hear that quote she made? "Madonna is everything that's wrong with the music industry today."

I love Judy Collins, too. Mauigirl, on of my favorites is a cover of Donovan's "Sunny Goodge Street." And although I don't like music from musicals, "Send in the Clowns" always gives me chills.