Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From one of my Republican friends

I can hear you saying, "She doesn't have any friends does she? But even if she did, would she have a Republican friend? Well, yes and no. We used to work together. He is a voice talent, and I was an actor, occasional voice talent, and make-up artist, and we had the same agent. We don't see each other anymore since I no longer work. But he knows I blog, claims he reads me, and this morning in my inbox was this gem.


Anonymous said...

This is a comment without word verification ... maybe it's spam?

Utah Savage said...

I hope not.

linda said...

utah, thank you....it seems silly but that moved me to tears...partly because it is one of my favorite plays and songs from the play and also because it speaks to hope. Hope is really what this, the election, is all about and tonight, from my vantage point, it's looking like we all have a reason to finally have some.