Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainy Monday Morning


Stella said...

I absolutely love your cottage. What an ideal spot under the skylights and watch the rain come down. It's such a wonderful place. Some of my favorite posts from you are pictures from your peaceful corner of the world.

Utah, thought you'd get a kick out of this.

DCup said...

That is a great photo. Love those skylights!

Utah Savage said...

Stella, you knew I couldn't live without that. Bless you my dear. It will replace all my Bush bashing jigs.

Dcup, too polite to mention that this is a post about what I wee from my toilet. Honestly that was a typo--that wee was supposed to be see, of course.

Ingrid said...

wow...that would definitely help me 'relax' ha! Indeed, what a great home you have to be having 'that' as your view in your bathroom!


Utah Savage said...

Ingrid, my next big improvement will be to add a more comfortable toilet. Since I do love the view. Then next is a magazine rack.

Beach Bum said...

Now that is a nice section of your house.

Ingrid said...

Utah..Ikea has a great magazine rack, perhaps you can find it online..
also..ehem..we have one of those 'cushiony' toilet goes a long way I tell you and that is entirely coming from dh.. mister, I want soft toilet paper and cushiony toilet seats..not that I'm complaining![g]
btw..saw other pics of your house post your colours..your house does look very cozy and 'creative' it!

and ha..I can post a comment again..thank you thank you