Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank You My Dear Ms Liberality

Liberality, my favorite librarian, (sorry Randal--I hardly think of you as a librarian, but more a bon vivant. Must be the monocle) and a librarian who loves her job, unlike some librarians, one of whom I just called a Frenchy name, has been one of the most encouraging of blogging friends. Lib gave me my first award ever. Ever, ever. It felt like it was an Oscar, or a Pulitzer. Go ahead laugh. I don't care. That's just how it felt. Mythic, monumental, as if I had arrived at last. And now she's done it again. At that time I didn't know how to even pick up my award and bring it home--it took days and help from my IT friend to get it home. I knew so little I couldn't link or embed, or label or anything. My site was very primitive and slapdash. But with help from all of you, I'm learning a thing or two. And in this (almost) year of blogging Liberality has given me the bookends of two awards. First was the E for excellence in blogging, and now The Superior Scribbler Award. I can't thank you enough for this, and as I sit here typing, tears pool in my eyes at your kindness and generosity.

Along with receiving an award like this is the responsibility and pleasure of getting to pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers.

Dcup of Politits is the tits. Even before I'd ever heard of Dcup, I used that expression to call something great--"It's the tits." Her site Politits, tickles me just to say it. Like Liberality, Dcup is a wonderful writer and a generous blogger who gives even those we don't agree with the opportunity to share their views in a potentially hostile environment under her sheltering kindness. She's a better woman than I in that respect. She is also a blogger with the soul of a serious creative writer. She will publish a book someday. She may even beat me to it. And she's sensitive enough to know when an email is in order. I trust her to tell me if I've lost my mind and am writing gibberish. Unlike some of you. You know who your are.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien is my favorite Expat. Her writing is superb despite her disclaimers. And she is chronicling her adventures in remodeling an old house in a village in France. When she gets all the hard work done, we should all drop in. She's doing what I wish I had done when I was young enough to have that kind of courage. She's taking pictures of the process, as well as writing about the details.

Dusty, of It's My Right To Be Left of Center, is one very ferocious political writer. I often look to Dusty to find the story no one else is writing about. And it's always something that needs a closer look. She is a collegial blogger, kind enough to host a site for those of us who want to work on new or ongoing creative projects. And she has great technical skills, and is willing to share her knowledge with those less skilled--like me.

Stella of Swiftspeech was my first reader willing to leave a comment. You can't imagine the thrill of that first comment. Her comments are often so intelligent and insightful they often deserve their own post. She read a bit of my fiction, and compared me to Dorothy Parker. You cannot imagine what a thrill that was. I had never read any Parker, but knew of her reputation as a wit and stature as one of the greats of her generation. Some day I want to gather with these women at the round table at the Algonquin. I'll wear red lipstick for the occasion. See you there Stella.

Diva Jood of Journeys with Jood, our own personal travel agent is also one hell of a political writer and a woman who shares her passion and her pain with us. She was our nominee for President and many of us were counting on her taking us with her to the White House. I had plans to be her Big Chief of the Supreems, but even though we lost this time, we are not giving up our ambitions for the future. And needless to say, we are thrilled with our rival's success. We like change, we like hope. And we will continue to scrutinize our government and try to keep it honest. yes, I am an optimist, and so is Diva Jood. She is a friend of mine. Here's to you Diva!

Linda Sama The Ageless Hippie Chick gave me the Rebel Grrrl Award. This was the validation I'd always wanted and I was 63 when it finally came my way. New to blogging, woefully under skilled in computing sense, and thinking my time was so far past--to find myself finally called The Rebel Grrrl and finally getting an award for it, make me feel hipper than hip. Linda is my fierce and righteous spiritual adviser. I can attest to the wondrous workings of karma. And since I did not skydive, learn to ride a Harley Fat Boy, get a tattoo on my ass before I reached fifty, I felt I was a bit of a fraud as a Rebel Grrrl. But that doubt lasted only a moment.

These are my sisters of the traveling pants.

There are so many other great bloggers that deserve praise and awards, but I can hear the music starting to play and the guy with the hook is waiting in the wings. Besides that, when these five get through passing out awards and they pass out awards, well... You know you'll probably be next. So start working on your acceptance speeches.


Stella said...

Oh, Utah, you're just too damn kind to me. However, you know if we dine at the Algonquin, we will have to sip martinis were utterly drunk: Dot would approve.

I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.

She rocks, doesn't she. Thank you so much for yet another honor that I'm not sure I deserve but am grateful to have.

Utah Savage said...

Fine idea. Martinis at the Algonquin. And I'll get there on a train.

Stella said...

That sounds lovely. I'm a train addict, just like Joe Biden.

Dusty said...

Wow, you are making me blush put me in simply wonderful company that I do not deserve.

Thank You. ;)

Utah Savage said...

The hell you don't deserve it.

DivaJood said...

I'm on the verge of being ferklempt - and truthfully, I'm humbled. I've not felt much like blogging since my aunt died last week - it opened up a whole can of emotional worms and I've been mildly depressed. So this award is an appreciated kindness. Thank you!

Utah Savage said...

Glad to be of assistance in any way I can Diva. I knew you were preoccupied. And would have understood it you took your time about this. And I'm so glad you don't mind the intrusion on your grieving.

Linda Sama said...

oh my. thank you again, Ms. Savage, this is your second blog award to me....and it comes at a time when once again I was thinking of hanging up the Ageless Hippie Chick, so you inspire me to keep on rockin' and bloggin'....

by the way, was thinking 'bout ya because I am reading a Buddhist book called Dancing With Life and the author quotes T.S. Eliot's The Four Quartets....the author says that in the Quartets, Eliot, tho an Anglican, truly understands what the Buddha taught.

shanti, shanti, shantih, sis!

Utah Savage said...

D.K. recently linked them in a site of hers for me and Dada, two old Eliot lovers.

linda said...

congratulations, utah! :)

Randal Graves said...

I'm hurt, for I love my job. I just hate the people.

You're all groovy folks. I still don't know why Diva didn't become pretzeldent, then the entire government could've been filled with all these lovely humans.

Border Explorer said...

Utah, that was one hell of an acceptance speech. I'm reeling. Diva kindly passed one of these to me. I'll have to forget for a moment that I ever read this post, or I'll never have the courage to accept the award. You're such a writer, woman. So glad you can add this one to your collection. [P.S. And all your awardees are great, too.]

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

thanks for this darling. I'll ponder a bit and work it through. you're too kind to me, you know that don't you?

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon from your missing friend!

Utah - I'm humbled by your kind words. I look to your writing and think 'why can't I write like that?' and I lack your writer's discipline so my stories may never be written.

Thank you for the award. I'm honored to be included in such a wonderful set of bloggers.

Utah Savage said...

Dcup, my dear, we all wish we could write like you. You do have it in you to write the book. The kids will soon be off to lives of their own and you will have time on you hands and even more stories to tell.