Sunday, February 8, 2009

From "The Pen"

One of the most important recommendations by John Conyers in his 487
page recent report "Reining In The Imperial Presidency" was to extend
the statute of limitations on the crimes of Bush and Cheney, to allow
a fair opportunity for them to be actually investigated by a real
prosecutor. Of course the Justice Department was entirely derelict in
enforcing the law as to them while they were still in office. To
fully preserve and protect the rule of law, the statute of
limitations must be extended now.

And sure enough, just the other day Cheney was out there gloating
about how the statute of limitations was expiring on some of their
most egregious offenses. For example, the midnight putsch to
institute a regime of illegal wiretapping occurred in early March of
2004, not quite 5 years ago. We certainly did not expect Alberto
Gonzales, who conspired in all of this, to enforce the law when he
was attorney general, did we?

Extend Statute of Limitations Action Page:

And while we're on the subject of Dick Cheney shooting off his
unwelcome mouth again, we never expected you to "make nice with
terrorists", Dick, as you so contemptuously smear any alternative to
a policy of slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in foreign
countries and destroying their cities. No, Dick, we expected you to
NOT stoop to beneath their level, which has made us all decidely less
safe for the future.

In truth, if we count all our senseless casualties in Iraq, Dick,
more died on your watch since than died on 9/11, which you dismally
failed to protect us from in the first place in your arrogant
insolence. Or was it deliberate treason, so you could justify your
war to seize Iraq's oil fields? No, Dick, we were never expecting
everyone in the world to "love" us, but we sure could do without a
couple extra generations of millions of people bent on mortal

By, the way, did anyone else catch the story of Cheney throwing out
his back moving his OWN boxes? What is a former vice president doing
playing his own moving man, unless all those boxes contained
incriminating evidence he would not allow anyone else to even touch?
Must have been a lot of such evidence to throw his back out like

On a happier note, we are pleased to report that Thursday we
completed the latest round of shipping of the new "Convict Dick & W"
caps, the ones with a little embroidered cowboy hat hung on the "W",
intended to ridicule the original cowboy from Connecticut himself,
who always looked about as at home on that fake Crawford ranch as Zsa
Zsa looked on Green Acres. So if you have not requested yours yet,
you can get one from the return page after you submit the statute of
limitations extension action page.

Extend Statute of Limitations Action Page:

And on the same return page from the action page above, you can also
find the new local county prosecutor lookup, which we are using to
call, write and email local district attorneys, asking them to bring
murder charges against George Bush and Dick Cheney as urged by Vince
Bugliosi. If any resident of your county was killed a war based on
false pretenses, Bugliosi says that district attorney has grounds to
bring murder charges. At the top of all these pages, there is a link
to a terrific YouTube video you can watch on this of Bugliosi's House

The local prosecutor initiative is an important long term back up
action, intended to keep the heat on at the same time for a special
prosecutor at the federal level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not asking anyone to file a "formal" criminal
complaint yourself. Common sense tells us that a state prosecutor
will only act, in the exercise of their OWN discretion, if they
believe there is a non-frivolous case to bring. But by speaking out,
we can let them know there is community support for them to do so.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


Dan Rosa said...

i agree. In the spirit of bipartisanship, it would be nice to say "eh, we'll let it go". But we need to ensure things like the political attorney firings don't happen again, and to do that we need to bring the people responsible to justice!

Dave Dubya said...

The good news is there is no statute of limitations for murder. Or did they doctor that one up, too?

Utah Savage said...

I wouldn't be surprised at anything they did, but we need to investigate it to know, and if (sic) any crimes were committed (ha ha ha) we need to prosecute and convict.

Comrade Kevin said...

It's only fair to go after them, but I think most people are so totally sick of W and his henchmen that they'd rather not even pursue this.

themom said...

I should hope that once there is some reasonable aide for the economy (stabilization) that W and Cheney are brought tot he justice they deserve. Prioritization sort of moves them down a few rungs on the ladder at the moment. I would like to see us all do a Happy Dance.

MRMacrum said...

As much as I would like to see Bush and Cheney squirm as defendants in some kind of criminal action, I say it is time to move on. We need our focus to be fixing what they screwed up, not smacking their pee pees. Just like Iran Contra, the reality is they have skated. We need to accept this and focus on the road ahead, not the rear view mirror.

But I did like your points. All good ones.