Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jeff Beck Group

I didn't know about Jeff Beck until Darkblack turned me on to Rollin and Tumblin with Imogen Heap in a 2001 Recording. But this is The Jeff Beck Group of my favorite decade and I was listening to Bill Evans and Miles Davis. Thanks for giving me Jeff Beck. Better late than never.


MRMacrum said...

You are right. Better late than never. Too bad though. A lot of years wasted without him in your library. He might have made his first money playing Rock, but he made his reputation playing everything else.

The Six Random Things is up.

Randal Graves said...

That Beck kid is good. I see a bright future for him.

Amos said...

Questions for the Savage;

1. Did the idiot potential renter from hell pick up his money & is he leaving you alone?
2. Is the new renter working out?
3.Did the roofer pay for the paint job and did they do a good job?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Utah Savage said...

Amos, yes, the idiot potential renter from hell did pick up his money on the last possible day. And he is leaving us alone, since I called the cops on him.

And the new renter is working out so far.

And yes, the roofers did a good job and entertained me as they painted. The roofer is smart--he sent me the only two crew members who are English speakers and cute to boot. I had a great time talking with them and the job probably took three times longer that it might have if I'd kept my mouth shut. One of them is so cute and smart and fun, I'm scheming on a way to get my youngest adopted daughter to consider going out with him. Turns out he's a handyman and I do indeed need a handyman. That's going to mean he will do some work in the main house where he will have the opportunity to chat with the YD.

darkblack said...

Of course, there's nothing wrong with Evans and Miles at all...In their styles lies as much attitude as Beck.
When I was growing up there was very little in the way of that dirty Rock and Roll played in the house, so I had to play a bit of catchup myself.
Of the vaunted '60's guitar triumvirate issuing from the Yardbirds (Clapton, Page, Beck) Beck has been the one who has consistently pushed his own musical boundaries and not traded overtly on past glories.

In the end, it's about music...And I'm glad you like it in its myriad forms.

susan said...

We still go to see him play every chance we get - which, unfortunately, isn't that often. In concert he justs winds you up higher than you thought you could fly but the essence never gets caught on video. One of my favorite pieces is 'The Pump'.