Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy Eyes Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann provides endless entertainment for Chris, David, Ed, Keith, and Rachel. But it is Keith Olbermann who knows how to make the most of her outrageousness. Between Bachmann and Palin we should have endless fun for years to come. Republicans seem bent on making themselves mockable lately, and mock them we will. Rave on Michelle. I know this is vintage, but it's fun none the less. And I hope Keith and I hook up again in my dream life tonight so I can comfort him properly. We were rudely interrupted this morning by my bladder.


PENolan said...

I have noticed this Bachmann while I have been preparing myself for a visit to Texas, and it has occurred to me that all the Barbie Doll types who went into Politics have turned out to be crazy assed conservative Republicans.

As a Liberal who graduated from the Barbie Doll Beauty Queen School of Womanly Arts back in Texas in the 60's - I suspect you know the one since they must have had an impact in the town where you spent your childhood - I think one of us needs to tell this Bachmann Broad and Sarah Palin that we're not listening to another dang word until they prove they can Twirl.
I may not be able to manage a flaming baton, but I'm good enough to conk both of them on the head from twenty paces - in boots - while reciting The Constitution.

sunshine said...

I'll start at the bottom and work my way up.....
For 6 months of the year you would definatly freeze your ass off.
I doubt very much you are old enough to be my Grandmother. I thought I was your 4th daughter!!!!
Canadian's are pretty tolerant folks. We have our church members that think they run things, just like everywhere else in the world but for the most part we are a quiet folk. There was a bit of dust kick up about the gay marriage thing but apparently they got bulldozed over.
I love Ontario but of course I'm biased. I think you would do well here. The town that I live in is a real artsy fartsy place. We love our authors, actors and artists. Actually Gordon Lightfoot was born and raised here. As well, Steven Leacock had a home along the lake. To this day it is preserved and tourists come to see it.
My nieces husband came here from Africa. He's muslim and we thought he'd have some big problems getting in but it was pretty painless.
Because of our lovely health care system, after he recieved his "card" (about a year after he got here) he was entitled to free health care. I hope we're not too socialist for you!!
So, come on to Canada! One word of warning though ... you are required to say "eh" after every few sentences....

Mnmom said...

I still can't believe anyone in MN voted for her, we're a rather blue bunch. But her district is heavily wealthy and conservative. And she's a loon!!!

Kulkuri said...

I wonder how many in her district will admit voting for her. Every time she opens her mouth she embarrasses herself. But then again she is a Repuke!!

I like PENolan's comment about not listening until they prove they can Twirl!!

Utah Savage said...

PENolan, I can still twirl. We could become the murdering flaming twirlers who recite the constitution while doing our dastardly deeds. I'd bet we'd get a round of applause after each count of our conviction is read.

Sunshine we need to talk more. I am a socialist, so there is no place too socialist for me. eh? But the cold sounds cold, eh? More talk later.

MNMom you're a Minnesota mom, right? You must be mighty proud. Michelle's crazy enough to get daily news coverage. She and Norm Coleman, and then there was Jesse.

Kulkuri I always like everything PENolan says.

Comrade Kevin said...

Damned bladder.

Once you're on Lithium your body will not collect urine at any concentration, so you pee frequently, whether you like it or not.

Maybe that was TMI, so I apologize.

I'm not sure what else to say about this crazy bitch that hasn't already been said.

Lady F said...

Utah, that watercolor of you is amazing - phantsythat is very talented.
I'm jealous of your twirling skills - my sister was a twirler, but I only ever succeeded in smacking myself in the head with the baton.

Lulu Maude said...

Oooh! You beat me to it! She is so wacko that it's sorta fun.

Perhaps I'll yet photoshop those little glazed windows of her soul, but in the meantime, well done!

Utah Savage said...

Hi Guys,
Kevin, there is no such thing a TMI for me. I like all the tiny little details that make for real intimacy. And if details about our need to pee isn't intimate I don't know what is. Love you dear. We probably pee at about the same time early AM

Lady F, I am indeed fortunate that Susan decided to use me as a model. I am now considering letting my hair go grey. My hair cut is headed in the direction of that painting. I can't tell you how much this painting means to me. Wish I could afford to buy the original.

Lulu Maude, There is such a lot to choose from when it comes to Crazy Eyes Bachmann at You Tube. She is really making a name for herself. But since you have photoshopping skills, I say do us proud and out Backmann Backmann. After all, she probably thinks there is no such thing as bad publicity.

yellowdog granny said...

obi wan hero.
and that woman is just batshit crazy..

Liberality said...

I didn't know that Susan was selling her work. I think the portrait of you is wonderful. Like it or not, you have gained iconic status ;)

themom said...

This was an exceptionally great piece. Olbermann outdid himself. One can only dream that whatever powers that be, will one day strike a blow against Bachmann and her incessant rantings. She makes my blood boil.

Steve said...

after watching this I hope KO ends up in my dreams tonight too! :)