Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Day of Rest

I'm taking the day off doing nothing much. I woke up from a strange dream. I had to pee and I had a headache. I peed and pondered the dream. Keith Olbermann and I were talking about a problem he had. He was distraught. I had a headache. His problem was really serious and involved a child. I wanted to go back to sleep to help, but just when I fell asleep again, Roscoe wanted in. He comes here the moment Ms. M leaves for work. Then I got a phone call from some damned insurance company trying to insinuate themselves into my relationship with Medicare. So I woke up sort of screaming. The kid who called me finally said, "Mam, may I put my supervisor on?" I screamed, "Hell no! Just leave me alone!" Headache raging on. Then the supervisor was stupid enough to call me back. God are those folks dumb.

I haven't lifted any dumbbells or really much more than a finger today. YellowDogGranny always tells me either, "Tits out, chin up!" or "Chin up, tits out!" But I know what she means. I have to be strong and carry on. Yeah yeah, I know. And yet I slump against a pile of pillows, each dog at rest on the floor on either side of my bed. I feel like Cleopatra if she'd lived a real long time and grew sick of everybody but a very select few, and then by appointment only. The fridge is stocked. I'm hydrating.

I'm also thinking about all the things I'm pissed about and haven't written about for awhile. I'm furious at the religious right for being furious that state by state our gay citizens are getting their civil rights. I have yet to hear a reasoned, intelligent response for how a gay couples marriage threatens anyone. The problem for the religious right, those beloved, values voters is their ideology wants to limit my freedoms. My freedom to do something does not force a values voter to do it too. WTF? I think I'm working up a righteous blog against theocracy.

Anyway, I'm busy thinking and hydrating and listening to dogs snore.


an average patriot said...

Utah I love your dogs. I hope you feel better soon. I am hetero but so happy States are starting to do the right thing. Like you I can not understand why it should afront anyone. No one is saying men and woman can not marry anymore so why the hell should it bother anyone? I don't get it.

Sherry said...

you have dreams like mine and great doggies!

Utah Savage said...

Yes, you too, I do have strange dreams and my doggies are great. I think I dreamed about K.O. being distraught was because his Mommy just died. And he was the kid that was in need of help. See, I can be my own shrink.

sunshine said...

Hope that you are feeling better soon! That was some crazy dream! Did the dr give you drugs?? hehe.
Your doggie is soooo cute! I love him. :)
I guess we're lucky here in Canada that the gay marriage issue has been resolved a few years ago. I don't even think about it anymore. My husband owns a men's clothing store and in the beginning when he'd have a couple of men come in for suits because they were getting married he'd call me on the phone to tell me. LOL Now it's just... whatever.
I was very happy to attend a wedding last year for a couple that have been together for 25 years. They were so happy ....
Take care of yourself!!

Pyzahn said...

Oooo. A Keith Olberman dream. I'm not even gonna speculate on what that means.

susan said...

Why is it that so many theocrats could be described as hip pocket Christians? They'll pull out a bible to support their own prejudices but have no interest in live and let live.

Utah Savage said...

Susan, I think they are more than likely operating at a level of ignorance that is scary to me. Why is "choice" such a threatening idea? My choices will not be imposed on anyone else. Yet their prohibitions are to be imposed on me? What the hell?

themom said...

Glad you are feeling better - and I will get a headache if I start chastising the Christian right and their opposition to gay marriages. Four states down - 46 to go!!!

Steve said...

i feel threatened by any marriage lol (sorry if that's a a lame joke from a 47 year old never married single guy)

this morning C-SPAN did a half hour on their call in show about this topic.
It was both infuriating and uplifting to hear so many people call in.
the morons quoting the bible and then the caller after wards just saying they were in love with someone and want what all humans deserve.
a chance to love and be loved.
i mean is their any more basic human right than that?

yellowdog granny said...

chin up tits out..even if it hurts..ha..
that woman is nuts..i love your snoring dogs..
if hollywood and their married for 3 months history for the past 50 years hasn't done in marriages the gay people aren't...stupid people.

Border Explorer said...

Even through the headache you've kept your sense of humor. Blasted telemarketers.

Lisa said...

I have something sticky for Blog Against Theocracy. Not nasty, just sticky.

I hope your head is feeling better. Keith would want you to feel better.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

hey my dog snores loudly too! cracks me up.