Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Spending the Day At Three Dames With A Clue

Yes, I'm getting out and around today. I'll even spend some time in the sun, Lib. But if anyone cares to make the trip, I'm spending the day at Three Dames With a Clue. It was Katie Schwartz, that very witty and energetic broad, who issued the invitation. So far the other women they've featured in this series of women who have reinvented themselves and write about it are some very accomplished women--with published books and marriages that work. So, I see myself as their one fruitcake without a clue. The questions were pretty simple and straightforward: What's your name, what's your read about, how do you reinvent yourself? My task, as I saw it, was to keep it brief. Ask me a simple question and I'll give you a complicated, convoluted answer that never seems to satisfy. But still, I'd love it if you'll visit me there.


themom said...

Yes, yes, yes,and yes!! Get out into the sunshine and mingle. So what if you give them a convoluted answer - you are an intelligent woman...I would expect nothing less. I believe that your book will get published - taking the steps to get to that point are yours to make. You will do that when you are ready! Bask in the sun today.....

Utah Savage said...

It's fifty six and windy, so not exactly basking weather yet. No doubt it will be ninety next week with no breeze to dry the sweat. But I have already taken the dog out to pee and taken out the trash. I'm on a roll. But as for mingling? I won't rule it out, but I think it's highly unlikely. I still have to clean my closet. You set a very high standard by which I measure myself. So slow down so I can catch up.

darkblack said...

That's what I like about you, Utah - you're a honest fist wrapped in the brass knuckles of truth. Keep punching.


Anonymous said...

We are sooooooooo lucky to have you. You are an amazing, brilliant dame, PP.

PS: I just fixed the ish. SO SORRY. Thank you a million for pointing it out.

Utah Savage said...

Darkblack, you really know how to sweet talk the mean old broads. Actually when posting elsewhere I do tend to pull my punches. I don't ever wish to give offense when visiting. But it sure was harder than I thought it would be to simply say my name. And I can't edit worth shit, so I notice the missing word like it was a big headlight pimple on my nose.

Dusty said...

I concur with Dark Black's comment! ;)

Love ya Peg!

Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

I'm still around.

Hey don't pull any punches with me.

My pops said, your good friends, well they tell you the truth.

he forgot to, I'm sure, add: they don't try to hurt you, but they tell you the truth.

PS: I got my professors in college voting onmy site, C and L put me up an the beaten path thingy and Imma twittering fool.

And if the suns not out, tell it to go get a fucking job, grab a smoke and sit outside for at least a little. Or not.

Just roll with it.

yellowdog granny said...

im blogrolling them..

thanks for that..