Saturday, April 25, 2009

Santa Barbara Pottery from Tom

This is a pot I loved the moment I saw it, and it hurt a little because after I moved out Tom did all the things I wanted him to do when I lived there. I like a space of my own. I wanted him to remodel the outbuilding at the Santa Barbara mountain top house so I'd have a little house of my own. When I returned years later, he'd done everything in his elegant and muscular way. I loved many of the elements he brought into the main house to warm it up. And this was one of those things. When he moved to Costa Rica he gave it to me. So this is the pot now. Next up will be the pot earlier with female torso. Obviously, I like this pot a lot.

It sits above the closet of the little house with other largish things I like and brought with me from the big house.


Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

I like pot a lot to but my daddy keeps taking it saying its bad for me and then I hear him cough.

"I learned it from watching you".

Hey, PS: I got twitterfied today upon the advice of Bluegal.

She sent a post to Mike Finnigan so he can post me up on crooks and liars.

So I basically owe this all to Tengrain, Tex Betsy, Utah Savage, Connecticut Man1 and Blue Gal. With names like that I certainly do feel like its a flashback.

Peace out homefry.


i heart your pot..

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