Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saw Horse

I'm starting to take photos again but always examining the small things within my eyes sight. I like the human form and face but when you aim a camera at anyone who knows your doing it you do not get the picture you wanted and they begin to grouse about their lack of make-up or the clothes they're wearing and it turns into something else. I also like the architectural element, the simple things. We almost miss seeing this beauty of form and texture since these are lowly useful tools or structures.


Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

I win I win.

Hey Utah, thanks for the support. And props on all the different stuff you got going: the poetry, the photography and the informative blogging.

PS: got any ideas what I should do for another performance?

I can't wait till net April 15th, though I am already planing that one out.

Bad politics in G'ville:

1. Educational budget cuts to the public school system, educational budget cuts to the University system (wow I choose the wrong fucking career those are the two entities I work for).

2. Ben Nelson, a shitty ass democrat if I've ever seen one.

3. republicans are still allowed to breed?

What should I protest?

Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

oh and I like the pic

Utah Savage said...

I think the issue you should protest next is the overbreeding of the wingnut fundi end of daysers-- I think there should be a limit on the number of kids these people get to fuck up.

Also gay marriage is a cause that just calls for a wedding gown and a protest sign.

And just for stepping up to the plate and humiliating youself for all of us and them posting it, I give you the Honest Scrap award. Scroll down and you will see my most recent award. It was given to me by a Ugandan 18 year old poet for my poetry. But I don't post awards on my poetry site. I think you have to be a bit more prolific than I to get away with that shit. So I posted it on my main blog and get to pass it to as many bloggers as I like. keep in mind that the rules were written in Uganda, I'm guessing and are a bit more authoritarian then I would like, but the rules are the rules. Have at it. You know how to take that image of the honest scrap award and carry it home don't you? And then there are the fucking rules. They can be broken as far as I'm concerned, but since I got it from this young poet, I took it very seriously. Go for it.

themom said...

A writer, a poet AND a photographer. Your talents are endless. I agree with taking the picture of the unknowing being better than those who do know. (did that make sense?) Candid is great and so much more honest.

Utah Savage said...

Hi TMom, I thought you would be sleeping off exhaustion today.

Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

My goodness.

A wedding dress it is, but and here is the kicker. Should I have a goat or a horse.

The motto is this: wait, I am going to write this in my blog, but thanks for the idea. Credit will be given.

Oh and thanks for the award your Royal Highness. it is bombtastically awesome and I will put it next to my Best Republican Herder Award, Award.

Thank You.

Unknown said...

Very cool photograph, Utah. I love looking at photography--it's my favorite. But I hate taking pictures for the same reason I don't like getting my picture taken. Neither looks right. I wanted clarity and composition and something attractive at least. Instead it's a muddle.
But yours is lovely and intriguing.


there is a photoblog you would like..or at least i think you's:

lisahgolden said...

I love the lines in this picture. And I'm crazy for black and whites.

Utah Savage said...

Lisa, that one's in color. It looks b&W because there is so little color difference in the saw horse, deck and wall behind. But it's color.