Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Cyrus

Cyrus came to me from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I'm one of the few people who prefers an adult dog to a puppy, so when Best Friends found Cyrus in dire straits and on very shaky ground they called me. He'd been kept for nine years in a "shelter" in the desert outside of Tucson. The woman who was collecting unwanted animals had Cyrus since he was a puppy. For nine years she fed and watered him, but did not address his health problems. Then she died, suddenly, of a heart attack, leaving 93 animals unattended until a family member of the woman couldn't reach her by phone and called the authorities. The police called Best Friends to come deal with all the animals. Cyrus was the biggest of the lot and had some of the biggest problems. His teeth were a mess, he knees were shot, his thyroid was in need of medicine, and he was in serious pain due to arthritis. Best Friends did all the work they could to improve Cyrus' chances. His teeth were cleaned and the worst of them extracted. He was put on pain medication and thyroid medicine. Then they needed to find him the right home. I feel very lucky to have been the one they chose to take him. He is a saintly, sweet, loving soul and I've loved every minute with him.

Due to Cyrus' joint problems he's only able to hobble outside a couple of times a day to do his business. He isn't comfortable outside. He's very sensitive to loud noises and will cut off a pee mid-stream if a walnut falls from the neighbor's walnut tree and hits the ground with a soft thud. I know there will come a day when he can't rise. That will be the day I call The House Call Vet to come give him the easy way out. Too bad our doctors aren't allowed to ease our way out of a bad end. How is it we are more compassionate to our pets than we are with our fellow humans?

Yesterday The House Call Vet came by to check on a sore on Cyrus' muzzle, close to his nose that flared up and required antibiotics. Turns out it might be a tumor. It's in a very bad place for surgery and even if it could be treated it would take a forklift to get him out of here. He weighs 170 pounds. I weigh 145 pounds. If Cyrus doesn't want to budge from his bed beside my bed, I can't make him. He's had two good years with me. More than Best Friends thought he'd live. So I will cherish every second I have with him.


sunshine said...

What a loving face he has.
I'm so happy that Cyrus and you found each other.
That story just breaks my heart. I hope that he will have a lot more time with you. :)


Sherry said...

he's a big sweetie

Gail said...

Hi Utah

I love his face.....I love him. I loved that he is with you and you are with him.

Randal Graves said...

Let's hope he lounges about for at least a few more.

D.K. Raed said...

Hi UT. Cyrus' mobility plight reminds me of my last year with our big old Lab. You've given Cyrus the best years of his life & won't let him live in pain. When it's time, you both will know it.

ps, Matheson is my rep, too. I've called & emailed his office. They were polite but firm about his efforts to kill the public option ("as the majority of Utahns express their non-support of the government involvement"). I give up on him and wish there was some way to get a real democrat elected here.

Elizabeth said...

Oh... What a great dog. And a fantastic photo. Priceless.