Monday, March 29, 2010


Words dark as a blackbird's wings fall like a stone and are gone
All their meaning lost in an instant
Vanished as if never spoken
Never to be spoken again
And all the feelings contained in the words
Lost forever, not even a feather remains
Only the black stone where once beat
Blood red and full of passion
Something resembling
A heart


anita said...

lovely ...

Utah Savage said...

Thank you anita, it's such a comfort to see you there. I've been so sick and sad and it feels so good that when I need you, there you are. Wish I could do that for you.

Randal Graves said...

This post isn't about the SR-71?


Utah Savage said...

Oh Randal, can't you see the pro-sex agenda hidden in the heart?

Cleveland Bob said...

Hi Utah,

I've always loved this song. Here's a link to a cover ot Blackbird by Sarah McLachlan from the I Am Sam soundtrack.

Hope you are well...