Monday, April 19, 2010

For Hanging In There With Me.

When the shit hits the fan there's nobody like you to make me feel that someone feels my pain and wishes me well.  There's nothing better than that, unless it would be a sweet, sexy, handy man in bed with me.  Now that would be The Top! Make him a bass player and I could die happy.


jurassicpork said...

Funny, I thought you'd be more turned on by a writer than a bass player.

Either way, I'm with you, usually silently, but always there, nonetheless.

Utah Savage said...

My third husband was a writer. I'm very suspicious of writers who marry writers. I became his editor, typist, and ardent fan of his writing. But I got no support for my writing. He wouldn't read my writing.

My longest and most satisfying relationship was with a bass player. I know this will sound crazy but our astrological signs were not compatible. He's a very big Leo. Confident, competent, talented in so many ways. I'd loved him since we were teenagers, but I ran away and he got my best friend preggers. After I'd been married three times and he'd been married twice, we both ended up in Salt Lake for awhile. He was always performing, even in bed. And he required an audience even if it was just me. Yet he'd never read anything I wrote. Only after we parted did he start to read me. And knowing that he was reading me, I was needlessly cruel to him in public on my blog. I haven't heard from his since. He moved to Costa Rica after we took a long trip there. Then we parted. I visited him a couple of times, but by then I was enjoying living alone and having people read my writing.

And I had an Italian lover who was a bass player. In both cases they played the jazz on the stand up bass, the acoustic bass. It's shaped like a woman with big hips and it's all about the fingering. Sexy instrument. Bass players have great sensitive, strong, tireless fingers and a good sense of how hard to press and how soft to press, what direction to stroke and can do it endlessly.

Anonymous said...



PENolan said...

A sweet, sexy PROGRESSIVE handy man ;)