Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To Argue With Andrew Breitbart

 Stolen from Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog


Anonymous said...


TRUTH 101 said...

You can't argue with Breitbart because he's first and foremost an intellectual coward.

In my hometown a disgruntled wealthy son of a wealthy family started a web newspaper, a propaganda blog really who's mission was to be pricks toward Democrats. His site advertises tea party crap in the park and makes a big deal about having a story on Drudge.

The last tea party they schilled the guy got Andrew Breitbart to speak at. This was also the time Senator Kennedy passed away and Breitbart called Kennedy a "mother fucker." I got all over his ass for it on the Facebook page of the propagandists and demanded Breitbart show some balls and call a live guy a mother fucker.

The propagandist said he read the stuff but of course, the pussy faced weinie man Breitbart had no courage to attack or engage me in any way.

Here's a guy that talks tough when surrounded by tea baggng nuts who cream their pants whenever some lying asshole spouts off phrases like "low taxes" or "less government." But this panzy with the big following is afraid of a blogger of no significance.

He is unworthy of any semblance of politeness or respect. Those that hang on his words are what's destroying the fabric of our Nation.

Utah Savage said...

Truth101, did you listen to the clip? It's pretty sardonic and funny stuff. I didn't know the details of your personal run in with him was, but I do know what kind of sleazy scumball he is. And there are plenty more like him and Fox employs a lot of them.