Monday, January 3, 2011

Blackbirds Falling From the Sky

The story about Blackbirds falling dead from the sky by the thousands over Beebe, Arkansas makes me very sad.  Killed by trauma in mid-air.  What trauma?  Breathing the air over Beebe, Arkansas?  Why the huge fish kill in Arkansas?

Arkansas was the biggest producer of poultry in the US when I spent a year there living in Fayetteville, not all that far from the Tyson Chicken processing plants, surrounded with all the poultry farms that fed that enormous processing plant.  Maybe the Blackbirds were dying of grief at what we're doing to another breed of bird or they died from flying through the fumes of chicken shit that hover over all those factory farms, producing nothing but chickens and eggs and unbreathable air.  Probably produce some pretty toxic ground water as well. 


The Blog Fodder said...

We are so busy wasting our energy battling the non-pollutant CO2 that we allow companies to get away with all kinds of other pollution. BBC said this morning that it may have been fireworks that spooked them as they appeared to have died from stress. they started falling out of the sky just when a huge fireworks display went off. Hard to say if that is true or not.

Utah Savage said...

Today after an autopsy on several, it seems they died of internal injuries which might or might not have been caused by fireworks, but the several hundred thousand fish kill in Arkansas at the same time? Unless the revelers were carpet bombing the whole state, we probably have a toxicity problem in Arkansas.

Utah Savage said...

Breaking news today: Dead redwing blackbirds are now showing up in large numbers in Louisiana as well.

Fran said...

Somethin' ain't right & I don't think we are talking fireworks here either. Some dirty little secret just became public.

Just like the canary in the mine, I'm sure these birds dropping dead in droves have some kind of scientific story to tell.

I hope the figure it out before humans start dropping off like this as well.


Oh yea-- besides dead birds raining down from the skies & fish kills....

Happy New Year???

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