Friday, November 11, 2011

Child Rape: It's Personal!

Finally the whole nation is talking about it. It doesn't surprise me that this time it's big time college football that gives us another opportunity to get it right. Oddly, I don't have much hope we will. We've been here before. Only when it's boys, and only when it's all male institutions and all male institutions we revere out of all proportion to the horror to the crime they have committed, serially, creating many, many victims, over decades, leaving lifetimes of wreckage that will ripple out into the lives of others when we stop and look in horror and wait. Will we just look and move on this time again? I was a raped child. The wreckage lives on in me. It's personal!

The perpetrators of these crimes have lived like heros, gods among men, rewarded with riches and fame, and honors.  Are we shaken enough to stop for a moment and gasp? What have we done! Will we hold them accountable?  Will we charge them all (and there are many) with the crime of child rape? Will we fully investigate?  Will we find all the victims? Will we pay them reparations for their injured lives, the therapy they'll need, the emotional support they will continue to need? Are we willing to keep our eyes focused on the worst within what we thought was our best?  If we're asking men who worship sports heroes and famous coaches to do that job for us, I fear we'll be let down.


David Rice said...

Sorry to read this.

Madam Z said...

It's all about the money, Peggy. Big sports equal big bucks. Who cares if some monster is butt-fucking little boys in the shower? And now the shit hits the fan, and all the cover-uppers are getting punished, but the monster is free! I would like to have "Coach" Sandusky in my custody for an hour. I guarantee that he would be physically unable to do any kind of fucking, after I am done with him.

It's too bad that the creep who molested me as a child and the ultra-monster-creep that raped you are both dead by now. I would enjoy performing similar surgery on them.

Jerry Critter said...

Money, power, and fame always will win out. Hell, it was only a kid! :(

Jerry Critter said...
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Gail said...

HI UTAH - I am so glad to see you - and as one who knows personally the damage of childhood abuse I am honored to read the power of your words.

Love Gail
peace to you always Peggy, always.