Friday, November 18, 2011

Old Sports Injuries

I was always athletic. Sure, some of it was forced. I was taken on ski trips before I could walk. We rode horses, went swimming. I remember none of this but there are photos to prove that baby Peggy was the game little sport.   And some of that love of sports stayed with me.

I loved softball until breasts got in the way. I loved skiing but not the same way my hyper-competitive friends in Jr High and High School did--like it was a game of chicken and if you weren't willing to actually risk killing yourself every run you weren't really skiing.  I always liked the wide open bowls more than the narrow rutted chutes. I liked the beauty of the carved turns, the gentle spray of snow on a sudden perfect stop. I liked the clothes. When I was skiing, skis were long, children.  It was harder then.

Last time I went skiing was early in the incarnation of Deer Valley.  My last ski injury was there. It was a torn anterior cruciate. I was skiing with Tom.  I couldn't keep up with him, so he was riding up on the lift as I was going down. He saw it happen beneath him. I think that's how it happened.  I was trying to keep up with him.  Bastard!  It's so embarrassing to be taken off a mountain in a basket by the Ski Patrol. But thank god for them. I was in agony. It's a very painful injury.  You can hear it happen.

Good thing skiing wasn't my favorite sport.


Anonymous said...

I love skiing. I injured couple of time during skiing and I know how painful it is when an injury commits. You know I believe one thing there is no gain, without pain. Thanks :)

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Kay said...

strike me down..I have never had on a pair of skis or a snowboard even though I lived with the best snow on earth since 1973! I love to ride the tram up and look around but going down at breakneck speed seemed kind of crazy. But then I have never climbed a mountain either..well a little bit so I could look at nature but the need to get to the top was never there...maybe that speaks towards my now rather hohum life!!! I am too old and have terrible knees..and I still don't want to ski.

Beach Bum said...

Served in the army four years stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Never skied once and do not feel I missed anything.

Sienna Christie said...

Ouch! It must have been tough to have gotten your ACL torn while doing something you love. How's the recover doing? Knee injuries are common injuries with skiing, but something serious like that can discourage other people from playing it. I hope you're not discouraged, and I hope you're doing well with your rehab. :)

[Sienna Christie]