Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dream Team: written five, long, hard months of rancor and last minute ploys to change the rules

I though right from the beginning that Barack and Hillary would be the dream team. When I started this dream I was still a Clinton supporter. I still love the Clintons. My decision to switch my support from Hillary to Barack was not because I grew tired of the Clintons, it was that I grew tired of the press coverage of Hillary, of the prospect of another political campaign with the press bringing up Ken Starr and Newt Gingrich’s greatest hits. The prospect of vitriol and mud slinging on a scale and at a volume we haven’t even imagined yet, makes me weep for what we have become—alienated and cynical. I am tired of the stridency of the press calling Hillary strident. I am tired of the press guffawing about Hillary’s cackle. None of this is Hillary’s fault, and I’m not sure she will ever be able to change the way the old white men who are the political pundits cover her, see her, talk about her.

And then there was South Carolina. I know that the large population of African American’s living and voting in South Carolina gave Barack Obama a slight edge, but what happened there made it possible for me to imagine a different democratic party—a party of unity and change—real change. It was the young people who were so energized by his candidacy that pleased me most. Without them engaged in the political process none of this matters very much—they are our future. Without them knowing the issues that will matter in their lives, this is all a pretty empty process, and they will remain disaffected. So this just might be the first time since the late years of the Vietnam war when young people are going to change the politics as usual we have become so accustomed to. It’s change long overdue.


DivaJood said...

I truly feel that it is to Obama's (and the nation's) advantage that he is outside the Old Boy School of politics as usual. He's the closest thing to a 3rd party we might actually have. And yes, I think he is the crest of a wave of sweeping, positive changes.

Scarlet W. Blue said...

I've been getting caught up here. Got down to the part about your novel and remembered I have to get caught up over there, which I will yet this week.

Take care.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

He would be CRAZY to pick her. All those clips of her dissing him. People don't think that the Republicans are going to use those? And Bill Clinton running around rough-shod, acting like a fool, etc.. It's all quite unsettling, I think.

Naj said...

Hillary brought her demise upon herself; flip-flopper; disingenuous; pretentious woman!

The disgrace of her speech tonight makes me gag! good riddance!

Dr. Zaius said...

I agree with Naj. It is just hard to watch the Clinton's implode and take down the party with them. I liked her a lot more at the beginning of the campaign. It's just gotten too ugly.

Liberality said...

I think you have hit upon the crux of the matter: it was how the MSM went after the Clinton's that caused a lot of the scandal we heard throughout the 1990s. The MSM are owned by corporate billionaires and the uber wealthy and they also own the republican party. Just because they have a big hissy fit that what they consider as some white trash made it all the way to the Oval office, doesn't mean we have to agree with their analysis and give in to their fits. They torpedoed Hillary and they've gotten their way once more. I think the media in this country just sucks big time. Nothing but propaganda for rich fucks.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"And then there was South Carolina."
I live in SC, and the vast majority I've talked to, both black and white, freely admitted their vote was along racial lines.

Long ago, I too thought that was an ironclad ticket to 1600 Pennsylvania Svenue......but then both sides showed me their real stripes. Now the only reflex either inspires in me is the gag reflex.

" ......what happened there made it possible for me to imagine a different democratic party—a party of unity and change—real change."
Only if you equate positive change as a different body color, imo. Otherwise, it's going to be the same old "piss on you, I'm elected now!" politics as usual.

K McKiernan said...

Did you just write: " I love the Clintons."


You don't have to listen to me at all, but do you hear all your blogger friends? Pairing up with Hillary will help ensure your candidate wins the Presidency.

18+ million democrats want her as ferociously as you want Obama. If we want to beat McCain, we gotta haver her tenacity, brillaince and core voters.

As so many have said before me today... UNITE... its time to UNITE against McCain.