Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barack Wins Nomination But Hillary throws Her Own Victory Party

It's over. Barack won.

But Hillary throws her own victory party claiming she has the popular vote. Hillary tells news sources she is open to taking Veep position despite the fact that it has not bee offered. Hillary gives speech asking her supporters to go to to contribute to her campaign.

Hillary has no honor, no grace, no since of shame or proportion. Hillary has ego. Hillary has a viscous, petty, nasty, drive to get her way, no matter the cost to the party. Hillary believes she is the party and it's owed to her. Hillary has a sense of entitlement that knows no bounds.

Hillary has promised to deliver her supporters no matter who wins the nomination. Hilary claims she wants party unity. Is Hillary a lair?


Liquid said...

I like the discription of Hillary here. Had she been honest and put her self out there, telling us she was all of the above, hell, it might have turned out a little different. I like those qualities in a woman.

I'm wierd.


Anita said...

i'm not convinced that hillary actually knows who she is any more.

is she a liar? to be a politician one MUST be a liar. it's just part of the game. and if you can't lie, then get out off the playing field 'cuz you're gonna lose.

'triangulation' is an old clintonium term. that's, i think, what she's doing here. or some version of it.

and, yes, i'm back. with a new blog name and a new look. maybe this will last more than for a few minutes in blogospherian time.

or maybe not.

Naj said...

Ah pfewh, I was beginning to think you were going to melt over her in your earlier post! :)

Blueberry said...

Very bizarre. The sooner they can sort her out the better -- offer her a Cabinet position or something that she will accept so she can settle in and guide her flock toward something besides McCain.

DivaJood said...

I think she would be an excellent choice for a Cabinet position. She's smart, she's aggressive, and she is tenacious. HEW? Maybe she can actually get a Universal Health Care package that works through Congress.

Obama Supporters MUST stop bashing her. We really must, because she is NOT the enemy. John McCain is the enemy.

Randal Graves said...

diva, go on with your bad self. For whatever ridiculously poor campaign she ran, whatever her faults, real and imagined, Hillary isn't stupid and has learned a trick or two. AND is tenacious, rare in the average Democratic elected official.

Washington ain't Mayberry. I'd love to see her have a position because, frankly, it would give me a happy to see her, through good policy, release some of that venom back against the fucking assholes on the other side of the aisle. That health coverage you love so much, Coburn? Everyone gets it. Now fuck off. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, I hate those bastards.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

I'm willing to generalize here and say that there is not one, not ONE sitting Senator that does not have a titanic ego. It's part of the profile of the person who goes for that job.

And as far as strategy and dream administrations go, Clinton needs to stay in the Senate. So does Dodd. Same for key House reps.

It doesn't pay to take these folks out of the ratio in the Senate/House where they will really be needed to implement any real change.

That's why say Edwards for AG, maybe Richardson for SecState and that sort of non-Washington sitting folk makes a possibly good direction for Obama to go when considering Cabinet positions.

Just my $.02

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Oh and BTW, just watch how the media is going to rev up and turn against Obama.

I predict the noise machine will be up running and finely tuned before the 4th of July.

Dr. Zaius said...

Everything will be OK when they seat the uncommitted delegates in Atlantis and Narnia.

cathouse teri said...

You mean like... VEEP if Barack becomes the PREZ?

Yeah, Hillary has lost her footing. In more ways than one.

an average patriot said...

Hillary is being very supportive of Obama and how good he will be for Iraq, Israel, and middle east peace but that will end if it becomes obvious she does not stand a chance of VP if that is the case!
We cannot afford a President McCain to happen if we can keep this election too from being stolen. McCain's change is the same lies with a different disguise! We must come together! Like it or not I see an Obama Hillary ticket guaranteeing party unity albeit with many caveats. Personally I see many potential nightmares for Obama and us with "Billary" as Veep but I don't realistically see a way around it!
Short of being offered the VP I see Hillary taking this to the DNC and Ickes, Bill, and other "ilk" will happily make Limbaugh's dream and my worst nightmare come true! Like it or not this is not over until it is over! Stupid me I thought it was "over" once the required amount of Delegates was gained. However consider the source and those pompous, fickle, egotistical, uncommitted Super Delegates are P'ing me off!

an average patriot said...

Robert said this to me this morning and I see some concurrence so I will put it here in case he doesn't get by!
Robert Rouse said...
This may piss a few people off, but I think Obama needs to use Hillary. Have her run as VP and then marginalize her job - state funerals, health care push, etc. - and the first time an opening on the Supreme Court pops up nominate her and then get a VP he can work with.

9:28 AM

Utah Savage said...

Hillary is a megalomaniac bitch. Leave her in the Senate. Have her run over and over to keep her seat. Maybe she will rise through the ranks there. Offer her nothing. She has proved that she does not know the meaning of the word congratulations. She has promised to support the nominee, and campaign for him. She did not say "only if I'm the nominee." She is a lair. She and Bill are the perfect pair--amoral assholes.

Linda Sama said...

ALL politicians are liars.

K McKiernan said...

Did you just write in a blog the other day: " I love the Clintons?"


You don't have to listen to me at all, but do you hear all your blogger friends? Pairing up with Hillary will help ensure your candidate wins the Presidency.

18+ million democrats want her as ferociously as you want Obama. If we want to beat McCain, we gotta haver her tenacity, brilliance and core voters.

As so many have said before me today... UNITE... its time to UNITE against McCain.

Naj said...

I think uniting with the Devil that Hhillary is is only going to undermine Obama's credibility as a politician who wants to do RIGHT, rather than do politics!

sitenoise said...

I think Hillary is playing at a level you think you know about, and you think you understand the BIG picture without having any experience on that level whatsoever. Shout, get mad, pretend you know how someone in her position should behave, what they should say. It's politics at the highest level. There's back room shit going on you can't possibly know about. If you think you are qualified to offer expert advice on the matter--based on books you've read or interactions you've had within the fashion industry?--go ahead, let us know ... vent your anger.

Me, I prefer hate in small, well manicured doses--smart bombs of hate, if you will. I'm a hate stylist. You're carpet bombing the woman. Not interesting. Cheap, finally boring. Based on books I've read and discussions I've had with drunk friends it seems YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT, but I digress.

It is astonishing, I have to admit, how Obama achieved the nomination without an ounce of politicking, completely selfless at every turn. Weird.

Thanks for the cookies sweetheart. ;)

Utah Savage said...

Sitenoise, I'm sorry to disappoint you with my large, boring hate bomb. But please let me know what my having worked in the fashion industry has to do with my large, boring hate bomb. Does my having worked in the fashion industry make me intrinsically stupid? Does it make me somehow incapable of expressing my feelings, make them less valid than someone who hasn't worked in the fashion industry? I'm not a hate stylist. I'm a passionate woman who has always had an interest in our political system. I've always worked for the candidate of my choice. I've always volunteered, donated money and time for the candidate of my choice. I've read and listened and followed the race carefully, but with passion. I'm certainly not a hate stylist. I'm just pissed off and I think I have good reason. The night her opponent won she threw herself a victory party, claimed the race wasn't over, and asked to be made Vice President. She is so convinced of her entitlement she can't believe some upstart took it away from her without breaking a sweat. So after her latest maneuvering, even her colleagues and closest allies have finally talked her into getting off her presidential pedestal and facing the reality that she was not the one with the delegates necessary to win.

sitenoise said...

Your stereotypes are your own. I merely referenced what you've posted as your industry. My unstated concern is that while personal feelings may be political, the opposite is not always true. You have such a unique voice I never want you to be thought of as 'one of those.' That's the way politics works. Negative campaigning and herding the mentality are effective and popular. I hate that.

Utah Savage said...

Dear Sitenoise, glad you have my best interests at heart.

You're welcome for the cookies.