Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yesterday it was reported that the Clintons had returned to their home in New York. Staffers had been told to get their expense accounts in order (with receipts) and turn them in by the end of the week. And that the Clintons would be having a large gathering, a party, if you will,--sounds more like a wake to me but what do I know--and anyone on the staff who wanted to attend would get one way airfare to New York for the party. The caveat was, a trip home, or another Clinton event, but not both. One way ticket. Hum. I'd be choosing the trip home to work on my resume, but that's the kind of cold hearted, pragmatist bitch I am.

It is assumed that Barack Obama will have enough delegates at the end of the these two North West primaries tonight, plus the Supers that will come rolling in today, to have the nomination in hand. Some naive pundits have conjectured that part of the reason for the timing of Hillary's big party in New York tonight will be to congratulate Barack and call for Party unity. And I'm thinking "Hell no! That bitch is going to rain on his parade." But I'm a cynic, what else would I think, having watched the Clinton campaign change the goal posts every time she doesn't get the outcome she expected or thinks she's entitled to, and believes she has the power and the political juice to manipulate, to game the system.

Harold Ickes, Hillary's Karl Rove, finally set the record straight this morning after the Associated Press wrote a piece saying Hillary will give a concession speech tonight. Hell no! "She is honoring her loyal supporters, her superb staff, bla bla bla." It is an adoration for Hillary party. Just not enough adoration to pay the airfare home for her loyal staffers. No, Hillary is going to rain on Barack's parade. Way to go girl! This is just another example of the many reasons we have come to loath you. Graciousness is not your long suit. Gamesmanship is your thing. And remind us please, what is it you want? The veep job? To be one of the Supremes? Attorney General? Because your charm is wooing us into wishing some kind of political oblivion for you.


Liquid said...

I say........Let's Go to that party!

Utah Savage said...

I keep visiting your gorgeous site, trying to leave comments, but then I get some message that the server has failed.

So I'll say it here. Congratulations! You know hat I mean.

Randal Graves said...

Okay, now that this panem et circeses theatre of the absurd is finished, it's time to relentlessly fucking hammer The Old White Man into the toxic dust from whence he was alchemically assembled.

You listening, Democratic organizations?

Naj said...

I always hate people who praise themselves as "fighters"!

They look/sound like demented roosters to me! Hillary, gender nonwithstanding, is a just that.

I disagree about her gamesmanship!
She even doesn't have that level of sophistication!

Liquid said...

That's wierd..but it has happened to me on other sites at times. I'll take a "look see" at it......and thank you!


DivaJood said...

What RG said. I would love to see McCain get less than 10% of the vote, I am serious.

Dr. Zaius said...

It's just so sad.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Oh boy....(: I've said this so many times.....: That "Bitch" (and I agree with your word selection) has the constitutional right to stay in any campaign she wishes, for as long as she wishes until it's over, no matter how much of an idiot she makes herself look. This primary is not "Obama's Parade." This is the Democratic (used to be anyway) Primary, and it's no one's parade until the final bell rings, "then" it's the winners parade.

Yes, the outcome looks inevitable, unless some awful shit happens. But please: "let's give every American the same constitutional rights we want for ourselves, no matter how much we may dislike them."