Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Attention Must Be Paid--This Is For You, K

Hillary started this race as the presumptive nominee from the moment she started thinking about running. When was that? Probably in the last few months of Bill's last term. They left office with huge debt, mostly lawyers fees. By the time she actually started the race for real, during her first term as a Senator, she was thinking strategically. She's female, and therefor needed to be seen as Commander In Chief material. Tough, hawkish. So she voted for the Iraq war resolution without even reading the classified material available to Senators. Mistake number one. Actually it's mistake number two for me, since she blew our chance at single payer national health care in Bill's first term. Whatever, just for arguments' sake, I'll let that go for now.

Then after it was obvious to everyone that the war in Iraq was a mistake, John Edwards stepped right up, apologized for his vote, and said it was a mistake. Since we are a forgiving nation, we forgave him. Hillary, knowing her vote was a mistake took months to admit that mistake. It was only in one of the late debates that, when pressed on the issue, she reluctantly said she wished she'd had a do-over. Not exactly an apology, but admission of a mistake. I'd give her half a point for going that far, but she was pissing me off so much by then, it hardly registered. For months she had been trying to wiggle out of taking any responsibility for that colossal mistake. She justified and rationalized and made a right sickening spectacle of herself as a stubborn woman unwilling to say the simple words, "It was a mistake, I was wrong, I apologize." Too little, too late.

Then she came up with the "3A.M. Phone Call" ad that reminded all of us older, film buff voters of the Birth of a Nation association with the Clan. Little white children asleep in their bed, mommy checkin in on them in the middle of the night, and the voice over question, "Who do you trust to answer the phone at 3 A. M.?" Not that scary black man, luring in the bushes, waiting for the chance to slip in and steal one of your precious baby's for God knows what....
If you are young and naive, you might think it was the "terrorists" her ad was referencing. But we older voters saw it for the racist crap it was. Terrorists do not strike a family in a middle-class neighborhood and steal the innocents. Terrorists blow up buildings in the middle of the day, so they can get big coverage on the news. They want all the world to see their work. It was sleazy ad, and cynical, and it was another mistake.

Hillary was so convinced her place as our nominee was inevitable that she and her campaign strategists did not count on her having to campaign after Super Tuesday. Well, not so fast, Hillary. The Clinton Machine did not take Barack Obama seriously. After all, they were the beloved Clintons. Who the hell was he, but an upstart, a nobody, a kid with a slim resume as a one term Senator, and a nice speaking style? Big mistake.

Then there were the lies. for now the only one I'm going to mention is the infamous, sniper fire raining down of the airfield in Bosnia, a place too dangerous to send the President. What the Fuck? There was plenty of file footage of that trip--Sinbad was there, Chelsea was there, no snipers anywhere in sight. She was met on the tarmac by a little girl with a poem to read to her and flowers to present. The was a greeting party. It was relaxed, leisurely. Plenty of press coverage. How stupid was that lie? And when confronted with the evidence, she said, "So...I made a mistake." How arrogant is that? It was not a mistake. It was a lie, told several times in several settings--early in the day, in a prepared speech, at a St. Patrick's event. And then Bill goes out there and says, the press is ganging up on her. "Poor Hillary! She is sixty years old, and she made a mistake late at night, exhausted. Just once. And the press is against her, bla, bla, bla."

And after her blow-out victory in West Virginia, with a population of poor uneducated, openly racist crackers, we have today, John Edwards endorsing Barack Obama, at a packed venue in Michigan. Game, set, match. it's over, babe.


SaoirseDaily2 said...

That was wonderful of you to save your dog from the shelter. I bet no one thinks of jumping over your fence. I love all dogs big or small. My 2 our dogs people threw away without giving them a chance to show how loving and loyal they are.

I love your political writings. You and I think alot alike with that regard. I've been a liberal democrat all my life. I remember walking precincts with my Mom for Kennedy way back when.

Have a nice evening.

Ghost Dansing said...

so then you're really not seeing West Virginia as the beginning of a big come back then?

Utah Savage said...

Ghost, thanks for the laugh. You always come through.

K McKiernan said...


I have said it 100 times, but maybe it takes more than 100 to get through... try to really read my words.

Unlike you, I have never said an ill word of your #1 choice candidate--Obama. I think he would make a tremendous candidate. I refuse to tear him down to build mine up. Many Obama supporters are so fearful, that they have slipped into mongering. I think fear mongering is wrong. I refuse to do it. The last time fear mongering was used, look where it got us.

You confuse my worry at his ability to triumph over the political mire, muck and fucking republicans who will be fangs out soon, with my admiration for him. Don't. Ok? Don't. I think he will be great for us... IF HE CAN GET ELECTED IN NOVEMBER.

See, I can see depth, nuance, complexity. I can see that me thinking he would be super terrific is not the same thing as HIM BEING ABLE TO GET ELECTED.

And, if Obama supporters keep calling people crackers, hicks, hillbillies, uneducated (all with implied slurs), you jeopardize your candidate's chances (um, that is what started the whole "elitist" backlash).

You better be real careful... you give the opposition an IN "babe" with your self righteous indignation and cockiness. Match? The Match is in November and you keep arming the opposition. Don't.

Just don't. 'Cause I for one will have to suffer when he loses. And I don't want to have to hear your relentless whines either.

K McKiernan said...

P.S. I have a theory why you hate Hillary so bad. But since I told you YOU should not get so "personal" on my blog, I won't do it to you either.

Utah Savage said...

Mumm, veiled threats? I say bring it on, K. Maybe I need to be brought down a peg or two.

Utah Savage said...

And is it not fear mongering to suggest that Obama CAN'T WIN IN NOVEMBER?

Utah Savage said...

And while we're on the subject, if Hillary cannot run her campaign without running out of money, maybe she is not as popular with her base as we have been led to believe. She is staying in this race now trying to recoup her economic losses, having loaned her campaign $11+ million. Her best ever in the Universe speech last night was mostly about begging for donations.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Utah, Good blog entry. I think you outlined your objections to Hillary with detail and candor. And, while I don't agree with you entirely, I do understand your position.

But I disagree strongly with your characterization of the fine people of West Virginia. I am mystified why you would stoop to this level in an otherwise intelligent analysis.

Not that you upset me or that I won't continue to read and enjoy your blog daily and welcome you with open arms to my journal.

K McKiernan said...

Me analyzing a situation and seeing that he fights an uphill battle that she could more easily win, is not the same thing as you smearing a person because you want who you want, period.

He can garner more money? Money is what this comes down to to you? If you were a HIllary supporter, you would totally dig on the fact that she kept fighting, especially for those who cannot scrape together a donation.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Actually, according to Christopher Anderson in his book, "American Evita", Hillary's designs on the Presidency go way back. The plan (according to Anderson anyway) was that, after Bill was elected and served his two terms, Hillary would then take her turn at it. I guess they had it all plotted out way back in the Arkansas days. Wow, talk about being cold and calculated, huh?

J McKiernan said...

No, it's not fear mongering to suggest Obama cannot win in is a legitimate concern. You are grasping at straws with that one, Savage.

Yes, you do need to be taken down a peg or two. Surely this is your blog and your territory, so I suppose you will do as you please, but all I see is preaching to the choir (and, what's more, to your own self-congratulatory ego) by taking every opportunity to continually disparage every aspect of the candidate you oppose, and to extend your hatred towards that candidate's ardent supporters.

Nevermind that there is a far more brutal fight ahead in the months between now and November. Very little coverage of the true enemy on this is just Hillary Bash Central: All Mud-Slinging, All The Time. And not just Hillary Bash, but Hillary Supporter Bash, too...because there's nothing more appropriate at a time like this than alienating your fellow liberal voters.

The continued nastiness against Clinton is ridiculous. Taking cheap, immature, surface-level shots at her supporters is even more ridiculous. It is not legitimate. There is no use for it. It is just ugly.

Oh, and how sweet of you to personally address this post to K, as if this was the most important blog post she will ever read. Funny how you sarcastically dismissed Hillary's speech the other night, because this is your speech, and you are treating it with all the trumped-up importance that Hillary treated hers.

It's never enough that you get what you want...Obama WILL be the nominee. Be happy...or is dragging Hillary Clinton and her supporters through the mud the only thing that brings you happiness?

Utah Savage said...

Dear J and K, I have been making $10. donations to the Obama campaign since the North Carolina primary. Me and millions of others. That is called grassroots support. It represents a significant sacrifice for me, since my every penny is budgeted. No lemons for now. If I eat meat it comes from the "reduced meat" section which I refer to as used meat.

I used to love the Clintons, but it's all over now. And I could enumerate the reasons--I have far more reasons than I have listed here. But one of them is fiscal mismanagement of her campaign. What happened to her support, her base--mostly big corporate donors who see the writing on the wall.

Stella said...

OK, I'm leaving this for Utah, as well as J and K. You are all wonderful cyberfriends and I cherish Utah's blog, perspective, and outspokenness.

But, somehow, we've got to get together. Will Obama win in November? Hell, I don't know. In fact, I know the possibility exists that neither Obama nor Clinton may win in November. That's my primary concern. Am I wrong that all of you agree?

If Hillary wins, I'll vote for her. Yes, Utah, she lied. But then, Obama didn't stand his ground about Reverend Wright (although I, too, wish Wright used more discretion). However, if Obama wins, he'll get my vote.

All the candidates I admired got booted out of the race because they didn't have enough money. It sickens me that only the rich can get an opportunity to serve this nation: I call this a corpratocracy.

So, let me tell my Clinton story. I went to an environmental lecture for presidential candiates. Kucinich (my favorite), Edwards, and Clinton attended. They were all dynamic, intelligent speakers.

When Clinton got on the stage, some guy ranted and raved about her anti-environmental stance. I wouldn't put her in those terms, but he was raging. Clinton quietly watched the melee (sp?) and, as the guy was hauled out by security, Clinton asked, "Were you asked to speak today?" I have to admit that her response demonstrated both humor and strength.

She's not my first choice; however, there's both negative and positive policies for which she voted. I guess that makes her human.

We are all liberals here. One reason the Rethuglicans always win is because they tend to stick together, right or wrong (unfortunately). McCain is sitting back planning his strategy while we argue.

Utah, please understand I am not against you and support Obama. But J and K make good points about his electability given, unfortunately, the bigotry that still exists in this country. K's comment is on target: The last time fear mongering was used, look where it got us.

I don't consider HRC's designs on the presidency cold and calculating. Would we say that about a man? Well, yes, I guess so: consider Bush.

And J makes a good point... that there is a far more brutal fight ahead in the months between now and November: and certainly beyond to 2012 so we can work to clean up the horrible mess Bush leaves behind.

However, I think Utah has the absolute right to have the conviction of her conscience and say whatever she wants against Clinton. Free Speech means "put it all out there." To me, dissent is a patriotic action.

If I can have civilized conversations with Republicans, and I do so to learn about their perspective, can we find a way to engage in civilized dissent.

My sense is that we are all technically in agreement about hoping for a liberal administration. I don't know any of you in person but I like you all alot: your intelligence, your ability to write, and certainly your politics =)


K McKiernan said...

Brilliant Stella, bless you. Will keep this short because I can tell you heard me and I do not need to keep shouting in a vacuum.

I taught a political rhetoric class back in 2004, and there was this quiz I had all my students and myself take, and I was like 97% for Kucinich...

I am about as liberal as they come, and so is he; however, talk about unelectable! Yowsa.

I must say in my defense (but perhaps I should be more gracious and stay quiet)... I have never tried to destroy Obama to build HIllary up. That is the primary strategic difference between Utah and me.

Thank you for your calm peace.

J McKiernan said...

When Obama officially wins the nomination, I will be supporting him 110%. And really, I am not fighting against him now...I am having to fight against some of his supporters who are so rabid they forgot how to be civil.

Thank you, Stella...always the one to bring a little levity into the conversation...and always the one who refuses to blow her top.

My biggest fear about the Obama nomination (and really, this would fear me just as much if Hillary won the nomination) is that he has peaked early. K has mentioned before how young people have been a major part of Obama's core group of supporters. And the reason they jumped on the Obama wagon was because he came out like gangbusters and he spoke their language. He was this incredible, charismatic figure who captivated the hearts and minds of young voters...and not just young voters, but even many independents and some republicans. Amazing. all happened towards the beginning of this primary season. And this long slog of a Democratic Primary season has taken such a toll on the reputations of both candidates and filled the public eye so completely that once it's all over, most voters will revert into a tired malaise. When they do, the initial Obama zing will be completely dampened. It's already been depleted considerably throughout this campaign. And there ain't much time between now and November for young voters and independents to get juiced up again. And without them, Obama will not be elected. Period.

Obama was the kind of sensation that can change worlds and win elections in a landslide--especially against a lame duck curmudgeon like McCain, who honestly reminds me of another Bob Dole...only older.

But the problem with the sensation that was Obama is that it all started during the primary season. And the primary season outlasted the sensation. Now he's just another candidate...not to his die-hard supporters, and not even to me. But to young voters, independents and converted republicans, he has lost his luster. Their walking-on-air crush has drifted back down to earth. The fall campaign could reignite the fire, or it could further douse it. I fear it may be the latter.

That is where the fear comes from. And so when someone like U Savage dismisses it as "fear-mongering," it is petty, arrogant, and short-sighted.