Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm happy now ... (with the RNC)

It hasn't even stopped talking yet and she's obvious. I'm not going to mention the fucking hairdo or the way she talks without moving her lips very much, or the nose wiggle fuck, or the condescending jowls, but CLEARLY this thing is coming off as a smarmy little piece of shit. Nobody would want to fuck her now, right?

I felt it better/more polite to avoid dropping a C-bomb here but fuck, it was hard.


Utah Savage said...

Finally. Thank you for stating it so forcefully for me, because her resemblance to Ms Fey is startling, and even I can see the appeal of Tina to all of us. But yikes! "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull? Lipstick!" No shit! She scares me. Thank you for posting. It's such a delight to me. Even when your taking the controls away from me for my own good.

Randal Graves said...

She just called all hockey moms ugly. Isn't that sexist or something?

Too bad I can't watch McFossil. Thank you, NFL for saving me from the allure of a trainwreck.

Blueberry said...

I can't stand watching her talk, it's easier to read the transcript. Unfortunately I think she made some new fans among women because of her working mother status. What they are forgetting is that the right-wing ideologies are much WORSE for working mothers than the left, plus the fringe evangelicals who are so tickled about her candidacy think that women should be subservient to men, and don't even think mothers SHOULD be working... much less working 24/7. Weird. Not good weird though.

K McKiernan said...


Keep it to the issues, Blueberry. Good job!

McCain/Palin are horrible for all of us due to their extreme stances on issues.

Was anyone shocked by the audacity of the "Drill, Baby, Drill!" ?? I think the chant occurred during Guiliani's speech, but she reiterated the point in her own waxy words.

She is not for the environment (a worse record than Bush), she is not really for working mothers, or really, any women at all. She did not mention health care once, for she cares more about sparing tax payers any increase (even though its only those making the most who would see higher taxes).

As a "servant" of God, she feels entitled to the earth and to push government down our throats where she sees fit (when it meshes with God's plan), yet she bemoans the other ways Govt is in our lives.

She is hideous... but I caution... stick with her extreme, right wing, nut job ways. That is where we will beat them, not by making this about anything else.

L'Adelaide said...

3 words: I despise her-- and would like to wipe that bloody smirk off her thickly lipsticked [that's so we know she is not a pit bull] mouth with a flower frog! (well... the exclamation point is another word but I tried to keep it to 3!).

did anyone notice how many times the baby got handed off? and was he drugged? geez, my kids would have been screaming by the end of all that torture and spit combing...and NO, I did NOT think that pathetic little girl was charming, I thought she was terrified to let mommy out of her sight, because she is ALWAYS out of her sight. She is neglected, in case anybody in the press has a brain in their numb skulls!


if they get in, that's it, I am moving to belize.

L'Adelaide said...

AND...."drill, baby, drill" .... I can't even go there right now, I am trying to keep down the BP for my doc appt.

Utah Savage said...

I guess it's the voyeur in me that makes me watch in horror. She compared herself to a pit-bull in lipstick. McCain will be too dull for words, but I'll watch for all of us, since I am a true political junkie. The one thing I can't make myself do is watch any or the right wing media, or read right wing blogs.

Bueberry, it's the not good weird that worries me. She's like Godzilla.

K, She's just what the pumas have been looking for. She's the vagina they can vote for. It doesn't matter how bad she is on our issues, she's perfect for the evangelicals and neocons. And she's perfect for anyone who won't vote for a black man but found McCain boring. She's new and crazily exciting. She's a woman who can field-dress a moose. Who could ask for anything more? There are men who are turned on by women with guns. Vig, are you listening?

K McKiernan said...

I agree with everything you said Utah save one thing... the so called PUMAs... well they are made up if you ask me. I think republicans manufactured said groups as a way to "frame the debate" into a gendered one... or plow it deeper into one I should say.

There is not one true.. and the key word is TRUE Hillary supporter who would vote for Palin because they do not share any stance together. If one claims to be, they are lying.

The Republicans want to tear us apart, so they act as if women would switch... the women Palin appeals to (besides wingnuts and extremists and relgious zealots)and I do think there will be many she appeals to, is a woman who may be on the fence--Independents who buy into the rhetoric of "maverick" and "reformer" and who tend to care more about money than social issues. Or, women who just do not care about abortion rights anymore because they would never have to face it (sorta like the older people in our community never voting for school levies).

But a true "blue" Hillary supporter, would find NOTHING in Palin. You do not get much more polar opposite than those two.

Now, there might be a few women who don't know shit about her yet and do like the idea of a woman (for who isn't sick of asshole guys and being devalued constantly), but these women will not vote "vagina" if they learn the stances and real person--Sarah Palin.

So, as hard as it is to not plow her down for all the "easy" stuff, I want to stick to the issues. I think its enough.

Sorry if I wrote too much.

Utah Savage said...

K, I wrote a nice reply to your comment and my own site wouldn't let me leave my comment. Now I'm too tired after having to register my blog with google again.

Jane Hake said...

Q. What's the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom.

A. Birth control.

Utah Savage said...

Stargirl! Great punch-line. Birth control! Muahahahha

Ingrid said...

all you people have tough stomachs.. I have not had the wherewithall to watch any of it, perhaps that's why I had my 'issues' this week, crap! It caught up in the air and flew down my way..
I can't stand Palin and like Ann Coulter, refuse to post on just makes me ill..
so you have a better and stronger constitution than I do, that's for sure!