Friday, October 31, 2008

Now This Is Scary

Stella the excellent blogger at Swiftspeech, and the first person to tell me I write like Dorothy Parker, left a comment at my place with this link. I think this is scary, so in honor of one more stupid holiday where nobody gets a day off with pay, I present the real vampire.
Art by cartoonist Alex Roth.


Anonymous said...

And he will continue to suck us dry even after he's gone, the prick.

Utah Savage said...

He is one crazy, stupid bastard, but he really knows how to fuck things up so they stay fucked up.

Kulkuri said...

aWol doesn't have the ambition to come up with all the shit that is fucking us. All he's done is allow his name to be used just like he did with the Texas Rangers. I doubt if he has enough smarts to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel!!

Sherry said...

this is great, oh yes indeed! thanks.

anita said...

actually, i think all politicians are bloodsuckers. he's just the worst (by far) of the entire nefarious bunch.

in fact, i always have to wonder about chris matthews and his apparent 'love affair' with politicians. it's a little sick if you ask me.

Utah Savage said...

God I hate google sometimes. I commented on your comments and the dame google would let me publish my comment. I had show my papers and they said I wasn't who I said I was. Might be a little like voting this year. I hope we've all already done it.

And just so you guys know, I'm in love with Obama. Have been for a long time now. I wish he were a little more socialist, but we'll see what he does--what kind of redistributor he turns out to be.

anita said...

i like obama as well, for now. let's see how he fares when the **** truly hits the fan.

however, if obama actually 'redistributes' something to ME, i'll be VERY happy !!

go obama/biden !!

or, as a bumper sticker i saw yesterday said ..

"I'm Voting For That Guy"