Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea Arthur is Now Singing With Rock Hudson, If There Is A God

Like a thief in the night I've gone creeping about reading. And though I too will miss Bea Arthur I hadn't found just the thing I wanted to post to note her passing. And then I stopped by E's at StarSpangledHaggis, and found this:

And if you know me, you know why this is one of my favorites. And like E says, it's "So Retro"


Laura said...

Very retro! LOL
I liked Bea Arthur a lot. Thanks for showing the clip!

La Belette Rouge said...

When I was in first grade I got in trouble because I kept singing the theme song to Maude while I did my work. I'll never forget that song.That old compromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing.

Right on Maude.

Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

I must say, I know her as Ruth from Golden Girls, but I loved that show growing up. Along with GI JOE and Transformers.

Either way, from the clips I've been seeing Bea was a beaut: she had it all! Rock solid.

Anyone see her slow burn that Tex Betsy put up. Baam!

darkblack said...

I liked Rock's chuckle on 'amyl nitrates'...Bit of a tell there. How they got all the dope references past Standards & Practices I'll never know - 'We've got to keep America safe from reality, boys!'

In the end, at least they both had talent to burn in a golden age.


Unknown said...

The oldies are the best. They got it!