Thursday, May 26, 2011

Run Sarah, Run

I can't think of anything more satisfying than the spectacle of Sarah Palin making a run for the Presidency in 2012. Imagine the comic potential—the great debates between Sarah, Newt, Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Bachmann, Santorum (teehee)... Whoever.  It'll be fun.

She'll be a big draw for the lunatic fringe: the homophobes, the bible thumping anti-abortion zealots, the birthers, deathers, the racist, neo-Nazi skinhead nation. You know, the Tea Party. Men love her. Women too, clutching her book so fervently, hoping for an autograph. It'll be grand. Can't wait! She'll do well in those early Primary States too. She'll clean your clock boys. Her only problem will be in debates unless she's just debating Michelle Bachmann. Then it might be a toss-up.

Sarah will do some serious damage to the Republican party. She already has. Maybe I should restate that. John McCain did serious damage to the Republican party by picking her as his running mate. He created the monster that is Sarah. If he hadn't, none of us would have heard of her.  I do feel sorry for Megan McCain. She'll damn near die of embarrassment and she doesn't deserve that.

Mormon's will be conflicted about Sarah. She talks more Mormon than either of the Mormon men who'll be running against her. And Mitt has that Mitt-Care problem that became the model for Obama-Care. And Huntsman worked for President Obama. So sitting here in the deep wholesome bleeding heart of the Mormon Holy land it's going to be a spectacle worth observing.

Sadly, Sarah isn't really running. She just wants us all to think she is. It's a fund raising bonanza. But she's far too thin skinned to take the heat of a real run to the finish.  Too lazy to do the homework. And that's a shame. She's depriving a hungry nation of a good belly-laugh and don't we all need one?


Jerry Critter said...

What's even funnier than Sarah running are the people who support her. How deluded can they be to think that she would actually make a good president? Talk about being the laughingstock of the world...and with nuclear weapons in her is an inconceivable thought.

Hell, she would probably get pissed off at California and nuke us!

Utah Savage said...

Hell, she'd probably nuke Alaska if she's moved to Arizona.

Truth 101 said...

What would be truly hilarious if the republicans nominated this idiot then in their idiocy got angry at us for calling them idiots for nominating this idiot.

I of course am referring to her policy idiocy. Her personal economic skill is evident by her ability to use four ignorant right wing catch phrases and ride them to anough money to buy and sell most of us.

Utah Savage said...

She has done a pretty good job in the Selling of Sarah. Is there an action figure yet?

Kay said...

I truly cannot stand even listening to "she who will not be named" I have already declared my decision to immigrate if "Swwnbn" wins. Iijits...I was enjoying not hearing her name there for a while..guess she needs some attention.

Beach Bum said...

I want her to run, like you mentioned already she has damaged the repubs and things can only get worse. While all the repub candidates have huge egos there is simply no stage big enough for they all to sit together and debate. Romney will go all out to destroy both Sarah and the Newt while they will in turn try and do the same to Romney since no one really likes him.

My one worry for the Democrats is the old adage about getting to confident and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Blog Fodder said...

The Rapture guy makes millions. Sarah Palin makes million. Maybe it is the rest of us who are the idiots?

Professor Chaos said...

Sarah running for president? Doesn't she know that involves effort and you don't get paid for your speeches?

Utah Savage said...

Kay, worry not, she doesn't want the job. She just wants the attention and any money the attention will bring her.

She likes stirring things up. Unpaid speeches are a drag for her, but they do lead to paid speeches so there's that. And donors will find a way to get money into her grubby mitts one way or another.

Jerry Critter said...

"Is there an action figure yet?"

No. Before you get an action figure, you have to do something. Sarah's done nothing.

Suzan said...

Don't count her out.

In a totally alienated electorate, she's the ideal candidate.

Glib and self confident. About nothing, sure. But it probably won't matter with their control of the MSM.

And they'll never allow her to debate or even appear on a panel. (Look what they did with/to McCain.)

It'll be known as the "new campaigning" mode of the Sure Republican Election Victory strategy.

(Precursor to NeoCon (Nazi) takeover of the government.)

Pardon me. Total takeover.

And it may not be 2012. After all, Obama still looks like a pretty good Republican candidate when there are no others.

I wish I were kidding.

no_slappz said...

Sarah Palin is the Republican stalking horse. She's not the future nominee of the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are far more likely to appear on the ballot.

I doubt either of them will ask her to join as a running mate.

Meanwhile, O'Bama is now running against his own record, which is getting worse by the day.

His record is so bad, even supporters want to talk about anything but his failure to accomplish any of the goals he had in January 2009.

Paul C said...

Who ever is US president, for Australia, it will always be a version of "All the way for LBJ".

Around 50 years after an Oz PM said that about LBJ, Australia's Labor PM, Julia Gillard, who was fairly hard core left once upon a time, goes to the US and kisses arse like every other Oz PM.

I hope you yanks appreciate us as probably your most closest grovelling allies.

Fran said...

Wow! You nailed it! Palin is the trainwreck that is so very hard to look away from.

But her whack job insanity quickly wears out & leaves us all cringing that her Tour of confusion even has wheels on the bus.

Funny as much of her sheer insanity makes us laugh, it is combined with a hope that bus winds up in the ditch sooner than later.

Our amusement with her wears thin & we find ourselves wishing she would do what she does best-- quit.

Anonymous said...

if she takes on Trump as her running mate it'll be a tag team worthy of the WWE!

Utah Savage said...

Jang-chub Chub, Susan, how nice to see you both. You made me laugh. I'm hoping to see a grudge match between Sarah and Michelle. Bachmann may be stupid but she has credentials and a voting base. Sarah has an unruly mob and little else. But I'm sure they wouldn't compromise on which one is prettier.


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Fiddlin' Bill said...

Funny how the Repubs work absolutely tirelessly to destroy Obama, and at the same time complain that he's not accomplishing what he hoped to. Duh.