Monday, January 28, 2008

Bush's Greatest Hits

The State of the Union? Phone it in, why don’t you, Mr. President. It could have been any year since 2003. Yawn. Is he really that lazy and cynical? It is mind-boggling, the cognitive dissonance. The wise-cracking jokester smile. The folksy, country huckster, still trying to scare us with his warnings of Ballistic Missiles and Nukular Weapons and Enriching Uranium. He’s got the gestures down, by now he’s probably got the text memorized. Ignoring his own government’s intelligence report? It’s stunning! I’ve never seen such a robotic performance of George W. Bush playing George W. Bush playing President. Get a day job Mr. President. Or better yet, stay home. Take naps. Take this last year off, and go down to Crawford and clear some brush. Please? Now that you’ve got it going, the prairie schooner of state will roll down hill withoucha. Take Vice President Chenney with ya. You two ole boys can go on an extended huntin’ trip ‘round the state, shootin’ dove together. He He He.