Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Kill Me

Two of my favorite actors are in the film You Kill Me. It's a quirky little dark romance about an alcoholic hit man sent to San Francisco to clean up his act and a strange female client he meets in a mortuary. Terrific performances from Tea Leoni and Ben Kingsley. This is the second time I've seen it and I like it even better this time.

I've Become a Bengals Fan

I know, Randal, it's just unbelievable. But I've been feeling a little mean and snarly. And in this feelingstabby phase, I've started to watch the Bengals on HBO.

The Sound Of Crickets On A Hot Summer Night

In Arlington National Cemetery the night they buried Senator Edward M Kennedy there were
crickets chirping and the low murmur of voices waiting at the gravesite.
I, an unbeliever, was moved to tears by the prayers and answered aloud
Hear our prayer
Hear our prayer

It grew dark and lightening off in the distance over the hill where
A lone soldier stood gun held in white gloved hands waiting for the
Final Salute flashed off and on as a gentle wind blew the
Eternal flame in the growing darkness
And then it was over

If You've Got The Money....

This is a song for the healthcare system we have. If you're loaded and can afford the insurance, your doctor and hospital will take great care of you. If you're busted and broke, good luck on finding a quiet place to die.