Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Speaks to the Reverend

I watched the Obama news conference today with relief. His pain at having to renounce his pastor was apparent on his face, in his careful choice of words. He answered questions with great candor. But the pain never left his face, was obvious in his tone, his careful, thoughtful answers.

His paster seems to have lost his mind. Reverend Wright's performance on Moyers was one thing, then to follow it up with the coup de gras at the Press Club, was like watching a train wreck-- a once proud man gone off the track, a bit crazy with his loss of power, his diminished position. Or worst, like watching a man in the public spotlight show the first signs of some sort of old aged dementia. I felt that way watching Ronald Reagan in his last year in office. Doddering, yet still full of ego.

As soon as the press conference was over, I went to the Obama site and contributed another $25.

Reverend Wright

Dear Reverend Wright,
Shut The Fuck Up!