Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mitt, the Better We Get to Know You, the Less We Like You

The GOP primaries are so boring to me I've about given up writing about them. It figures that as a Democrat I wouldn't like them all that much, but in years past, I've found GOP electoral politics fairly fun. Not this year. This year, despite what should be something like a carnival, with all the fun of a freak-show, I've just about had enough. The most interesting thing about Mitt Romney to me is that this man once thought it was just fine to take his family on a vacation with their Irish Setter strapped in a pet carrier to the roof of the car for twelve hours. I think twelve hours in a pet carrier for an Irish Setter is animal abuse.

It was telling to me that even Mitt knew that once he was forced to release even one year of his tax returns we'd like him even less, and he was right. I suppose there are those of us who wouldn't have cared all that much that he'd have been in a minus 15% tax bracket, but those off-shored accounts raised eyebrows with even some fussy GOPers. Go figure. Maybe they didn't mind the accounts in the Cayman Islands so much, but  Swiss Accounts? Now that's just downright snooty.

And if you are a real Christian, Mitt, why can't talk about your Christianity (if it really is Christianity) in a way that doesn't give us all the creeps. You're stiffer than that Quaker crook Nixon. Because when asked on a survey about the "once you've gotten to know the candidate" do you like him more now that you've gotten to know him better?" the answer is a resounding "NO, LESS!'

And the bad news for the GOP overall is that turnout is down in the primaries. Go ahead CPAC. Spend Your Billions on Negative Ads.

Now I think I'll take a nap.