Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State Of The Union

The State Of The Union address last night was the best political speech in my memory.  We've all become used to great speeches from President Obama, so I'm sure there will be a lot of "Ho-hum,  so what.  Yes, he can give a good speech, but we're still fucked."  Well, yes we are, but whose fault is that?  Not his.  If you're a Republican, look in the mirror.  If you voted for George W Bush you can thank yourself for our current wows.  It will probably take a generation to fix the mess we're in.  But with this smart, thoughtful, amazingly good natured and horribly burdened man at the helm, we may begin to dig our way out of this very deep hole.

Seems that every big speech now comes with some right wing asshat shouting or mouthing something revoltingly stupid.  Who knew the Justices of the Supreme Court needed to get the memo that that sort of thing just isn't done in a State Of The Union Address?  Samuel Alito is the latest moron to break with the tradition of respectul behavior at these speeches, mouthing the words "Not True," when the President was speaking about the danger inherent in the latest SCOTUS ruling granting corporations the same rights as individuals.  Apparently if the POTUS is African American the rules of decorum don't apply for the Italian American Justices of SCOTUS.