Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Star Wars, the Epic Campaign--The Reinvention of Hillary

The Wizard has posted a video clip taken from the famous You Tubes and it's playing at his place. And after watching it I got to hear Hillary's best speech in the Universe, according to Howard Wolfson, or however the hell you spell that screaming hack's name. I always scream back at him when he comes on touting Hillary's great chances for a comeback. Did I say that right? For a comeback??? She was never supposed to be the underdog, and all this playing the gunslinging, boilermaker drinking, tough and scrappy hard working white girly from Scranton, dodging bullets over Bosnia, etc, etc, etc.

Made me think about Vigilante and his hard on for them gun slinging, hard drinking, tough broads...... Has she won your vote, Vig? Was it the best speech in the Universe? I heard a lot of begging for money, and not a hell of a lot else. How about you?

Hold You Breath...Here It Comes...

News Flash... Hillary Clinton is about to give the biggest best most important speech in the history of the world!!!

Margin of two to one!!! Where is this? West Virginia? We're waiting for combustion!! Lift off!!!

Where is this? Oh yeah, West Virginia!!! Oh the crowd is shouting... What's that? Yes we can??? Where have I heard that before!!! Si, Se Puedes??? Sounds familiar. Crowd plagiarizes slogan from Obama!!!

Oh, ho-hum. It's back to writing about my damn crazy life.