Thursday, May 14, 2009

Take the Profit Out Of Health Insurance; Sign This Petition

Please sign this petition. Take the profit motive out of our health care system. Having a profit motive for health care coverage does not give you better health care or ever bring costs down. Don't let the Republicans keep lying to you about the horrors of the public options for covering your health care costs. I have been disabled for years and am on Social Security and Medicare covers my medical treatment. I have never had medicare insist I go to one doctor or hospital or another. It covers all the medical care I get, it never excludes charges or ups my copay. It covers my mental health costs as well as my visits to my cardiologist and internist. It covers tests. It covers hospital stays and it covers emergency room visits.

Before I got coverage under Social Security I was paying for private coverage through United Healthcare. I was self employed as all of us working in the entertainment industry with an agent are. Most of us are considered contract labor. We have no safety net. The cheapest coverage for an individual in the late 1990's was $500.00 a month. The moment I got a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, United Healthcare upped my monthly cost from a very hefty $500. a month for a single person, to $1,000. a month for one person. They also increased my copay. And they hassled me over every charge. I hate those bloodsuckers. Never again will I let a private for-profit company get between me and medicare. It is only Medicare part D, the Bush engineered prescription drug program that requires a private company to suck money out of the trust. This is the Republican toe in the door approach to Medicare. They will try very hard to convince you that you need them to manage your entire medicare coverage. This is a lie. It is utter bullshit! They want to get between you and medicare so they can make a buck. Fuck them! They have been sucking our blood way too long and abusing the right to any trust at all. If you like your private coverage, just wait until you get a diagnosis that will get costly. Then see how much you like them.

Conyers, What the Hell Are You EATING?

I stole this from my close personal friend Andrew Malcolm, highly esteemed blogger for the LA Times, and twitterer extraordinaire. And as Andrew has so rightly pointed out, one glimpse of Holder's face says it all, "WTF?" is what I imagine him thinking. Add your own caption.