Monday, May 5, 2008

Gas Tax B S

Hillary's pandering on the gas tax break she says she can deliver, is the worst pander I have ever heard. No one supports this phony crap but John McCain. Bush would veto the proposal in a New York minute, if it ever got through Congress. There is not an economist in the land, left or right, who thinks this is a good idea. Only morning Joe, Bill O', and Rush are rooting for the voters of Indiana and North Carolina to buy this load of bullshit.

Let's Drop The Big One And See What Happens

I always loved Randy Newman. I think he's one of Americas great songwriters, and I suppose his voice might be an acquired taste, but it always appealed to me. If I had the skill to find a video clip of his performance of this song, now would be the time to do it. Because I think it's what George W Bush is getting ready to do.

What better way for him to give his successor the finger on the way out of the White House than to drop the big one on Iran in the last days of his presidency. If Hillary's the new President this would be a good thing since she dropped the big one in her last debate with Obama, slipped in ever so quietly between inane questions about flag pins and "do you love America," while Hillary says she's cool with OBLITERATING IRAN!!!!..... No follow-up on that one.

We know McCain is cool with obliterating Iran, since it's where AL QEADE IS FROM!!!!

I'm a supporter of Obama from many reasons, but now, lately, it's because he's the only SANE CANDIDATE RUNNING!!!

PS Tomcat from Politics Plus was kind enough to post the link for this song. I dare you to listen to it twice. If you don't have tears rolling down your cheeks at the end of the second go through, there's no hope for us.