Monday, August 4, 2008

First Love Last Love

I got a late call from CTB, the first and last love, tonight. He's been reading my blog and wanted to talk. There is almost always some small favor he wants, but I'm still willing. You know what they say about that first love--it's always with you.

He is a great musician. He used to play jazz bass. It was when he was first becoming a bass player that I fell in love with him. Acoustic bass is a very sexy instrument--shaped like a woman and held in a full bodied embrace. Then he switched to electric bass and started playing country music in the western version of a honky-tonk, or as I called them, toilets. He drank too much in those days and his friends were not all that interesting. The charm wore thin. But the love remained.

Now he plays guitar. He is working toward virtuosity--not that tough for him. He can play any instrument. Tonight he recommended his new guitarist obsession. A man named Pierre Bensusan. So, for CTB and the rest of us, here is a little Pierre Bensusan

Is Our Government The Terrorist?

Bruce Ivens is the fall guy for the 2001 anthrax attacks. How convenient that he killed himself. What I remember about the anthrax attacks was that journalists were targeted and that postal workers died. It was a long time ago, and we were told by our government that the anthrax came from Iraq. One of the first justifications for targeting Iraq was it's ability to deliver weaponized anthrax to kill Americans. All of this makes me a bit suspicious that the man who was being targeted this time as the anthrax killer was Bruce Ivens and that he acted alone. It smells like a cover-up, and possibly a conspiracy to prevent the truth from ever being known. But I was never one of those people that bought the story that Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald--the lone gunman.

J Edgar Hoover was the man in charge of the FBI at that time, and he had his reasons for wanting to get rid of Kennedy. Since those days the covert, intelligence gathering aspects of our government have grown like mushrooms in the dark. When G W Bush came into office he had his reasons for wanting to go to war with Iraq. It is no secret that "intelligence" was manufactured to scare the bejesus out of us and push the narrative that somehow Iraq was a bigger threat to us than the terrorists that came out of Saudi Arabia and took down the twin towers on 9/11.

I don't trust many news organizations anymore. But I do still have a bit of faith in NPR. This is one of their stories about the man who killed himself when he became a target in the anthrax "investigation."